Whose Network Marketing Advice Are You Following Today?

When it comes to building a successful network marketing business today, you’ll find polarized views on both sides.

The old school crowd and the new school crowd!

There is nothing wrong with old school methods (Avon Reps have been doing it for years) provided you know exactly what you’re doing.

Yet, most individuals make simple mistakes that quickly destroys their opportunities with their warm market.

And, then some chose an opportunity that for all outward appearances has scam written all over it.

On the opposite side of the fence is the new school network marketers…

…AKA internet network marketers that believe the only way to succeed is with massive action and automation.

Forget building and forging relationships, the true essence of network marketing. They believe in just letting the tools do it.

In this day and age, focusing on one method of network marketing training is really foolish.

And following the wrong advice could even destroy months to years of work! Last June 2009 I wrote a post about “Why Do People Steal Content!”

I recently had and individual email me after his site was shut down by his web host, and you can probably guess why…

Yep, he’d plagiarized content from not only my website but many others as well. He stated I guess the people teaching the course where wrong!

Is this really the new school network marketers marketing methods? Or, is it just a few individuals?

Has society degraded to the point that no one cares because everyone is doing it? Or, because today we want success so badly we’ll do anything to achieve it?

Everyone wants to generate leads on their own…

…Some will take the hard road and do it in an honest and ethical manner, attracting people who share the same values.

They will do this by tapping into network marketing training that is based on sound principles not the current marketing craze.

The question is whose marketing advice will you be following today?

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