Why Are News Organizations Writing Network Marketing Articles?

Hello Glenn here from network marketing works. I often wonder why news organizations are writing network marketing articles. Why do they care or more like what is their angle?

You would think they would have far more important things to report about. Instead they take the time to write articles about how to succeed in network marketing.

Or how network marketing might be a scam. Yet most of them barely know if at all what network marketing is.

The truth be told, all they are really after is clicks or impressions for the advertisements on their website that day.  Sadly, most of these news organizations are just looking for a way to survive. They stopped reporting actual news a long, long time ago.

Today unless they create sensationalism or something controversial they really have nothing to stand on or report anymore. So they have to find anyway they can to attract a crowd.

So the real question I have is would you trust anything said or reported on from the Huffington Post? Would you take any guidance or information on network marketing from any news organization?

I know I wouldn’t, most of them can’t even read the weather right let alone get the weather right!

No I could clearly see a website such as entrepreneur.com writing a news or network marketing. They clearly talk about running a small business so it makes sense.

Or how about a site like wikihow, are they a jack of all trades or do their people really know how to run a network marketing business? I think not.

Sadly are far too many websites out there for far too many organizations trying to give you conflicting information all with the purpose of distracting you so they can make a profit.

And while they are making a profit off of the advertising, sadly your not.


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