Why Are You In Network Marketing Today?

Most people, including myself, first looked into and then started into our new venture in network marketing mainly for the money that could be made.

Maybe, that is why you started and then again maybe not. Everyone wants more out of life, and today is no exception with all the uncertainty in todays economy.

Often there are many obstacles placed in our path on the road to network marketing success. Some we can control and many others there are obstacles that are beyond our control.

Today we have literally millions of people that have simply stopped looking for jobs. Businesses are unsure of the future today and many are simply sitting on the sidelines waiting to see what the future holds.

It’s been said that many new businesses are started during a recession.

Is this coming from the many people who simply give up looking for a job?

I believe it is, yet it is much tougher to get anyone to invest in a new network marketing business opportunity than probably anytime before. While business are sitting on their cash reserves, most individuals are as well.

Contrary to what’s reported many people are still losing their jobs everyday. With no plan other than getting inline for an unemployment check.

Maybe it’s time to stop thinking about all the money that can be made in network marketing and to start thinking more along the lines of what do I have to do to survive in this screwy economy.

Then locate and find others who also want to survive and prosper as well. But, you’d better be good at what you do, hype simply won’t cut it anymore.

If you cannot show your prospects realistic goals and results, you’re doomed to failure. Then there is the question of how hard are you willing to work for it.

Network marketing is hard work and yet the funny part is, those you think may not succeed often do better than those you think will succeed.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve had to take lots of time off after the passing of my father. Yet, during some of the conversations I’ve had over that time period reinforced the previous paragraph, some will do better than others.

These conversations where centered around results with leads. While one person achieved 0 results with hundreds of leads, another sponsored 3 with only 12 leads coming from the same source.

Maybe it comes back to how bad do you want it and what are you willing to do to achieve network marketing success? So stop and ask yourself the question and answer it honestly…

Why are you in network marketing today? The answer may surprise you.

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  • Salomae Muhammad Jan 4, 2014 @ 16:20

    I have gotten this question a lot over time: how do you show prospects real results when you are either new in the industry or your own journey to success is going a little slow? The only thing I’ve been able to tell them is to utilize the success stories of their upline. This..in my opinion anyway…is kind of hit and miss because some people don’t want to hear that; they want to know if the person that is actually recruiting them is benefiting from the opportunity. How do you speak to this?

  • Shatovia Devonish Oct 30, 2014 @ 16:04

    I’m in network marketing because I want to help my siblings get through college being debt free by starting a scholarship fund up for them. Furthermore, I want to help my mother retire because she has been working for many years. It is time for her to enjoy and have the best in her latter days. I just want to know that I can always have money in the bank and not depending on anyone for anything. I could just go on vacation whenever I pleased without any worries at all. Being financially free is what I’m striving for. It is important because without money there are limitations. I refuse to have anymore limits in my life.

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