Why Do Network Marketers Fail With Their Warm Market

When we joined a company we where instructed to make a list of names, does this method still hold true today and work today? The answer to that question is both yes and no. Many individuals where never taught how to properly qualify their warm market as either potential prospect or customers, so of course you failed miserably.

So it is really a now brainer after your failure, that when you see any advertisement that alleviates any of this pain your feeling you’ll embrace it whole heartedly whether or not it really works at all. You’ll do anything to make that rejection feeling go away, including sabotage your own business!

A few years back I received a book Kiyosaki book and in it was a book marker. In one of the steps was a saying that I though was very relevant to everything we do today and the reason so many fail in this industry! The Term is called FOCUS!

  • F – Follow
  • O – One
  • C – Course
  • U – Until
  • S – Successful

Focus – this is one trait is something that at any point in time we all lack. We find ourselves pulled into far to many endeavors, which we’ve called being diversified. Yet you never really master anything, at best everything is just mediocre.

What are you focusing on in your business? Are you putting the Cart before the horse? Many do, I know I did it many years ago. So how does this apply to the warm market? With the your warm market you still need to qualify them just as you would any prospect, determining which of those would be interested in your business or your products or services.


What are some of the reasons that you might fail with your warm market?

1.) They do not see any perceived value in your products or services.

2.) Their perception is your products are over priced, many are in network marketing.

3.) The products – services can be found much cheaper at many other locations.

There is any number of possibilities why you might fail if you don’t qualify them first.

The only way to learn how to qualify potential prospects – customers is to talk to enough people and develop the necessary skill sets. Is it tough work, you bet it is in the beginning as I’ve alluded to earlier you would rather go to the dentist then talk to people.

Rejection is a powerful significant emotional event, that paralyzes most network marketers. They eventually stop taking the action necessary to building their business. Maybe the company you joined, because all you saw was how much money you could make is really after all not what people are looking for!

It is also important to know that many people do not fail with their warm market. They have secrets that most of them don’t even know they have. One of those is they where already a great communicator, and they had credibility already established based on their prior experiences in life.

Credibility is established by your own knowledge of the subject matter. Yet as network marketers we’ll often just go out and blindly promote something with little to no knowledge at all. All you have to do is sign on the dotted line and your up and running.

I found one company that really changed my perception of how things should be started. When someone signs up with them the have to demonstrate a basic knowledge of the company and product. Before they can even sign anyone up a customer or new business partner they must pass a test.

What is really neat is that over 80 percent of my warm market that I talk to are very interested. Why, because this is something that they do use everyday whether they want to or not. This actually can help them put money back into their pocket, now that is what gets your warm market interested.

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