Why I Moved To Google Buzz

I’ve always taken a more cautious approach when it comes to implementing technology, like static web pages vs blogging software etc…

Social media is not really anything new, blogs, instant messengers, have been around for a while now. They allowed people to interact with each other long before twitter and facebook really took hold.

Twitter has turned into a literal cesspool if you’re a network marketer. All you have to do to get someone (I mean something) to follow you is mention, network marketing or MLM.

There is nothing social about it, no interaction just endless pitches. So when Google’s Buzz came along at first I was skeptical.

Yet, Buzz functions more like facebook in that it does allow interaction, isn’t that what social media is supposed to be about.

Twitter was touted as a micro-blog and some do use it this way. But, I think Buzz has it beat by a long shot. It’s kind of scary, it could actually be used almost as a blog.

In my opinion, which many will disagree with Twitters downfall will come from the automated tools it allows. No one wants to watch a twenty-four hour, seven day a week pitch channel.

Twitter is still useful, but you have to carefully screen everyone before following them. It’s not hard just look at their profile over the past few days…

…If you see repeated tweets, the same canned messages, well it’s up to you if you want to look at it. If you are looking to interact with people in an electronic environment then Google Buzz maybe more of what your looking for.

And, as the the technology advance I’m sure there will be modules that will sync Buzz and blog comments together, that would truly make it a killer application.

Does this mean I’ll give up Twitter? Not at all! I still have people there I like to follow. And, every now and then something news worthy comes along.

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