Why Leadersclub’s Competitors Despise Them?

This is a question I’ve often wondered, well not really I know why they do! Why is it that they only want you to think of them as a network marketing leads company? What are they afraid you might discover?

Why is it their competitors teach you to go out and run pay-per-click advertising, all you need is our landing pages, and promote “my e-book” or “free-training.”

After awhile when you’ve exhausted your budget with limited results, but don’t worry they’ll always have a new course or training program “Social-Media to sell you!” In fact, after they’ve run out of ideas, they’ll ask you!

You see Leaders Club’s competitors know that in-order to keep you listening to them, they’ve must keep you on one rabbit trail after another.

Yet, they always fail to provide the key ingredients you’ll need to be successful! You cannot get this from any book, watching any video, or tweeting your way to success.

The Secret To Success, Is Rarely A Secret!

The real secret and nobody want’s you to know it, is that it always involves hard work and some skill, yet people give up because they are not told this from the beginning. Today they would like for you to believe that there are short cuts and secrets to network marketing success.

The same thinking is what has placed the world in the economic crisis today! The question you need to ask yourself is, “can I use this training anywhere?”

What do I mean use it anywhere?

Exactly that, can I use it with my warm market, local market etc… Well with most others you definitely cannot, your warm market will see it for what it is “your trying to scam them” oh another pyramid scheme! And in reality they will be correct!

Not everyone is a candidate for your business “taught in what everyone calls old school network marketing,” yet how do you know who is and who is not a candidate for your business opportunity? Well you can forget Leaders Clubs competitors from telling you, or maybe they’ll change that after reading my blog!

What Makes Leaders Club Different?

They are a network marketing leads company, yet they don’t just sell you leads they give you the network marketing training to develop the skills you’ll need to be successful.

It doesn’t matter if your generating your own lead, purchasing leads, your warm market, or through social media, there are skills you’ll need to be successful!

Anyone can generate leads, if you have a large enough budget, yet very few individuals have any success in closing them, simply because they don’t have the skills.

Leaders Club during it’s weekly training calls takes your live prospecting challenges and provides the answers as to why, and where you went wrong! It doesn’t matter if it’s local marketing, warm market, leads you generated or purchased!

I’m often contacted by former Leaders club subscribers looking to return. What they often cite is, it’s simply the best training period and they do not have to worry about their downline being pulled into some other company.

Raiding of downlines, cross-line recruiting has become a major issue in network marketing today!

Leaders Club was a pioneer in promoting yourself first in network marketing, yet many of it’s former members now have you promoting them first instead of yourself. Yet many within network marketing are branding themselves in an environment that if your not careful has repercussions, anything you do and say on the internet can and will come back to haunt you.

I’ve used the training from Leaders Club to teach others that I’ve worked with in the past to get promotions, and higher pay raises then other co-workers. I’ve used the training at trade shows, local marketing, warm market and yes even that dreaded cold market.

For more timely network marketing tips watch the video’s on the site here at Network-Marketing-Works.com

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  • Andre Vatke Mar 3, 2009 @ 16:15

    Glenn you are correct on this one!

    Out of the three people you mentioned in your last sentence, two were Google PPC gurus. Sure they taught that you could generate traffic through other means like building a website, writing articles or posting video to third party sites (thereby losing control of your content rights) – but mainly they taught people to run PPC ads on the big three.

    Notice how they have now shifted away from PPC – something they promised would make their students millions – to now promote various social networking efforts. Mike has his own social site (his way to generate free leads perhaps) and Ann has more or less copied the Leaders Club model of a subscription service.

    But what happened to the PPC model? They claim that the ads they ran years ago still pull big time income – only the facts don’t support it. When you do a little research you can see their ad spending going from about $90,000 a month in 2008 to around just $1,000 a month the first quarter of 2009.

    The facts don’t line up with the rhetoric. But then, they never have.

    There are no short cuts to success. There is not secret – only skills that you have not mastered. Don’t let anyone put lipstick on the pig and tell you it’s miss America!

    Just get one of the free offers on this page to see how refreshingly different (based on tracking and market testing) success education really can be!

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