Why You Really Need Two Or More FaceBook Accounts In Network Marketing

Social media opens up a whole new world of marketing and with it comes other challenges as well.

Most people try to keep their business separate from, friends and family members. Yet, many are gladly opening the door allowing access to them daily.

A couple of days ago I read a great post over on copyblogger.com titled, “Who Do You Trust For Online Business Advice?”

As I sat there and read the post my thoughts drifted towards facebook. Almost without fail on Twitter someone follows you, so doing the polite thing you follow them back…

…After all you really do not know where and how they found you, maybe they came from one of your tweets, or maybe from your blog.

A short time later you get a direct message asking you to connect with them on facebook…

…Now wait a minute.

If our facebook account contains are friends, family members and now other network marketers total strangers…

…Who just might fit the title of scorpions as portrayed in the article. Since we’ve added them as a friend guess what?

On facebook they’ll show up in the upper right under Suggestions and you’ll be the mutual friend!

The very same people who preach attraction marketing, will now be chasing your friends and family members. I guess that is one way to shorten your Christmas list!

It really comes down to if you’re in network marketing, want to play it safe. Keep your friends and family members insulated from the scorpions that permeate this industry.

Grab yourself two twitter and Facebook accounts, then you’ll never have to worry about getting an angry phone call…

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  • Claire Covington Feb 2, 2010 @ 10:14

    I have that problem going on right now–and the programs seem to connect all my accounts and not keep them seperate. I wish I had set it up more seperate from the beginning.

    You offer good advice.

  • Andre Vatke Feb 2, 2010 @ 12:49

    The sad and unfortunate reality is much of the information that people will receive from most those claiming to be able to teach one how to build a successful network marketing business, has been pirated. That is to say it has been lifted from somewhere else, not entirely understood and then repackaged and sold to you as the TRUTH about network marketing. It will kill your business before it’s ever born. Learn how to spot pirates before you become a victim of them.

    Thanks for the good work in getting the actual truth out there Glenn.

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