WinJournal & MacJournal Tools to Build Your Business

Every now and then you run across a great piece of software that helps you in more ways then you can imagine. One of those pieces of software that I recently came across is produced by Mariner Software. They produce a version as I’m sure you’ve guessed by now is for the Mac and Windows based computers.

When I set down to write in my blog I use the program MacJournal. It is a great program that gives me the ability to write and post these to the blog all with the same tool.

The installation and setup is fairly easy. MacJournal allows you to setup and post to your individual blogs like LiveJournal, Blogger, WordPress, Movable Type and any .Mac Subscription.

With the ability to create multiple Journals you can keep daily logs of just about anything you’d like to take notes on or you can run and post to multiple blogs.

The Windows version has podcasting software built into the program, of course the Mac does not need it since it’s already part of the Mac’s software.

Individuals often ask the question about the key to success. One of those keys is consistency of Action.

Good tools that do not take up lots of your precious time to learn will help you become much more efficient and productive as you go through your daily tasks.

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