Your Network Marketing Budget.

Any business today that wants to be around years into the future has to create and stick to some form of marketing budget. Just because your in network marketing does not make it any different.

I’ve heard some real horror stories from individuals. These individuals where encouraged to buy their way to the top “Front End Loading,”

Generally when someone takes this approach there is little to nothing left with which to market their business.

Often individuals are left with just enough money to purchase their monthly quota of products so that, if by chance someone joins their business they can get a higher commission.

The reality is, without enough money leftover to market their business they are heading down a dead end street.

You should look at your business does it allow you maintain your position at a lower level until such time as you’ve built up enough residual income to both purchase the monthly minimums and maintain a marketing budget to keep your business growing?

Think about your tax situation, and yes it’s that time of the year again. Have you checked your W4? Since you are running a home business and keeping records right? You will have deductions next year.

It is important to remember that most if not all product purchases which you consume are not tax deductible, but check with your tax professional.

On the other hand, advertising and most of the materials associated with it is tax deductible.

Be sure to check your tax situation, you might just find that you can have less withheld from your current employment and place this into your network marketing budget.

Here is more information on Network / MLM Taxes

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  • Tyffani Mar 26, 2008 @ 16:07

    Thanks for the tax reminder. Network marketing is great, but I agree that you have to have enough of a budget to maintain membership and market. It can be tough. But it can be lucrative.

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