How To Build A Targeted List To Your Autoresponder

You can build a targeted list of
subscribers to your autoresponder?

To build a list of prospects or subscribers for our newsletter, there are several options we can explore. Some of these options are cost-effective, some could cost a small fortune.

No Cost Methods…

Take probably the longest and are generally the least effective. You can get on social sites and broadcast your messages, hoping you’ll get a few opt-in’s! With everyone else doing essentially the same thing, your message often gets lost in the noise, after all they are network marketers…

…Here is a resouce that will help you to identify, “When your prospect is not a prospect!”

Probably the most frustrating is waiting for your website or blog gets found and / or popular, which could take years.

Low Cost Method…

For a network marketer, purchased leads from a reputable company are the most cost efficient method for generating targeted leads to your website or blog. I’m talking about people that are looking for a home business, very few people are doing this method of marketing today…

…they are too busy chasing other network marketers!

I have worked with numerous lead companies over the years, by far the best is Leaders Club. They have their own e-mail broadcast system called Global Group Send. With a Leaders Club and Global Group Send subscription, my leads are automatically imported into GGS…

…People that are searching for information on a home business!

Once the leads have been imported into the GGS broadcast system, I create an email broadcast, steering them to my site for more information! Where them can request more information specifically from me or sign-up for my newsletter.

Getting a prospect to request information from me, takes them from a cold prospect to a semi-warm prospect! Still, getting someone to request information from you does not guarantee any kind of success!

This is where Leaders Club…

…comes in they do far more than just supply leads, they teach you how to systematically and effectively work any lead, whether they are purchased or self-generated.

Here is a free resource that exposes some of the myths: E-mail Marketing 101

High Cost Methods…

Involve Pay-Per-Click and using someone else’s cookie cutter network marketing lead generation system. Don’t get me wrong PPC is a very effective marketing method. But, it comes at a price, which most network marketers cannot fund long enough to see any form of profit.

Some will argue that you could use someone else’s “Funded Proposal System,” utilizing someone elses network marketing autoresponder system. Think about it, imagine if Chevrolet were advertising and promoting Ford. Sounds ridiculous, then why would any network marketer promote someone else?

…just doesn’t make sense! They have you chasing their target market, not yours!

“The Money Is In The List

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