Understanding The Binary Pay Plan.

Binary Pay Plan

This type of pay plan requires more work on your part.

While theoretically it revolves around two who get two on to infinity, which of course, we know will never happen.

Most of the companies that use this type of program, generally pay you on the weaker leg in the binary.

This requires you to keep a sharp eye on both legs of your organization.

There is nothing wrong with this type of pay plan, yet still in my personal opinion which counts only for me I like the unilevel the best.

One of the first companies I worked with used this type of pay plan with a twist it was not until much later that I learned how flawed the concept of their pay plan was.

The twist they added was that after recruiting my first two individual I would create another business center under on of the two previous individuals provided they had done nothing.

After several years I ended up with all these business positions with no one in between. While many programs offer compression, depending on the pay plan it could be harmful to your future income.