How Do I Start

How Do I Get Started
In Network Marketing?


Ok so you like what you see in Network Marketing so how do you get started?

This is where the problem lies, it is in reality too easy to get started in this business. It should be much more difficult to get started.

Far to many people join a program without fully realizing what it will take to become successful.

Ok So what’s next in getting started?

First: We must become educated about this business. How can you make an informed decision without the necessary education that will allow you to know if a particular opportunity or sponsor is right for you?

This is where we recommend a company called LeadersClub, a support and training organization for network marketers. They have a training only program that will give you the knowledge you will need to locate a company, a sponsor, it will help you make the right decision based on knowledge of the subject.

Second: If you have filled out online forms requesting information about a home business, know that someone is going to call you, be prepared for this. When they call to discuss their opportunity, if its not a good time let them know, most are people understand this. If they do not, you really do not want to do business with them.

Third: Be wary of income claims of 10,000 or more a month in only 3 months. This one is so obvious that it’s not even funny. People promoting systems and web site that will perform all of the work for you. They just do not work as effectively as they will lead you to believe. Or our favorite all you have to do is email them but no one knows how to write an effective email. Now do not get us wrong everyone should have a personal web site, something we teach our members.

Fourth: Ok, so you think you have found the opportunity the sponsor, now what? Most people freeze up at this point in time, I’ll do it tomorrow or next week. Pretty soon they find its years latter and they are no better off now then they where then.

Procrastination is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome in all aspects of life. Time is such a precious commodity that really cannot be wasted. We have all know how compounded interest works with money, building your business also works on the same principle. It starts slow at first then gains momentum as our skills and education grow.

Fifth: If you’ve been doing your home work or due diligence you should be comfortable with your prospective sponsor. Give them a call and they’ll assist you through the signup process. It’s quick, simple and painless.

Most network marketing companies offer instant online signup through the internet, of course you’ll need a few items to fill out the forms because you’re starting a real business. Such as S.S# if you’re a U.S. resident or Tax I.D if your not. This maybe different if you’re in another country but your sponsor will know what you need or can get the answers for you.

Sixth: Once you have joined a program, don’t just sit back you have to get moving. Think about it you’re now your own boss and sometimes this is good and sometimes its bad. Most of us are our own worst critics. Each day you will need to ask yourself this question “Would I have fired myself today for my actions.”

Our hope is that you’ve already placed LeadersClub in your tool chest if not grab our free CD on the left.

Our goal and the goal of this web site is that you will see that Network Marketing is a real and viable business.

That you will use education and professionalism over hype and false promises.

Together we can make this one of the most respected, invisible businesses in the world and truly make network marketing work for everyone.

One final note and is very important, is to remember as you get started. The purpose of this business is to build a steady residual income, but most important is to have fun while you’re doing it.