When You Know How it Works!


…What is it and do you have it? It is often said that in-order to be a great leader we must first become a good follower.

It would appear that some people are just born leaders and others thrust into that role. Yet, you can learn the skills that will one day make you a great leader.

Are You Empowering Your Network Marketing Downline?

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Yesterday I read one of the dumbest post on network marketing I've heard in quite awhile. It read three reasons people fail, while some of it was valid one part I have to disagree with.

Their argument was people fail because they are not using someone else's marketing system. A marketing system that in reality actually promotes someone else...

...And they want network marketing leaders both large and small to bring them to their system. I've met a few of these so called leaders over the years whose only concern was, "how much money can I make off this?"

What Makes Network Marketing Attractive?

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In the news yesterday was an article from the Associated Press. The article painted a bleak picture for the millions of Americans that are currently unemployed.

It states that a new finding a new job often means a pay cut, often accompanied with a relocation to a new area for a job.

They cited a few examples that indicated workers laid off during the 1981-82 recession earned 20 percent less, even 20 years after they where rehired.

Faced with the prospects that history will repeat itself...

Perceived Credibility What Is The Point?

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If I could only count the number of emails from network marketers that describe how to build perceived credibility. We really need to break this down.

What is the definition of perceived? In this case in means; To interpret or look on (someone or something) in a particular way. The Definition of credibility is; the quality of being trusted and believed in.

Yet, in the context of these emails, "which often contradict themselves within the same paragraph," we are told to beg, borrow or steal this credibility.

Are You Building Your Business Today?

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The Business School

Recently I was re-reading the book The Business School For People Who Like Helping People.

There was one section that led into another startling revelation.

People get started in network marketing for many different reasons, for many it is the money they can make.

Are You Helping Or Hurting Network Marketing Today?

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One of the things that many do not think about is how their actions affect everyone in the network marketing industry. It really only takes a few bad apples to create a negative impression.

This was played out not too long ago with spam emails marketers would send. Fortunately many of the internet service providers, stepped up to the plate and implemented ways to minimize but not eliminate all of this.

When it comes to network marketing it is a shame that many view this as nothing more than a pyramid scheme, can you really blame them?