When You Know How it Works!


…Is one of the most important elements in network marketing.

Here you will find a collection of posts all related to marketing based on my observations over the years.

What Has Been Your Best
Network Marketing Method To Date?

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Young man wondering.

Everyone has their favorite method of marketing their network marketing business what is yours? Over the years I seen, read, and utilized many different methods. While many seem to be effective without tracking it really is hard to tell which method is producing the most results with the least amount of effort. Today you have

Duplication In Network Marketing

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Why do many network marketers tie duplication in network marketing to some system that you need to purchase along with your downline?

Is this truly duplication or just using the same tools thousands of others are as well? No doubt there are plenty of systems to choose from so that you can appear different from everyone else...

Network Marketing A Pyramid Scheme?

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If you've spent any time in network marketing you have no doubt heard it called a pyramid scheme. There are numerous websites designed to "help protect you" from these schemes!

The individuals who produce this information often show you formula as to why it will never work. You know, that we would eventually run out of people to recruit.

Network Marketing Is Not A Niche Market

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At least, not today by any measurable standard. While that may have been true in the beginning of online network marketing, today there a billions of pages on the subject.

The term network marketing is to broad in scope and the competition is fierce! Yet, there are smaller segments within the term where one can do well.

If Attraction Marketing Is So Great Then…

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Why is the divorce rate so high? It really makes you wonder what all the buzz about attraction marketing is about.

One of my former uplines, used to talk about prospecting and relating it to courting. Which really makes sense when you think about it!

When you first begin to date someone you are in essence putting on the sales presentation...

...You're selling yourself to your prospective spouse. You're trying to present to them why you’re the best candidate for the job out of the millions of other suitable candidates, right?

Can You Build A Residual Income for Ten Dollars A Month?

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When, I sat down to write this blog post today, my first thought was to title it "What Truck Drivers Should be doing, but their not!"

When we talk about network marketing, we talk about the freedom it can bring. How it can allow us to work anywhere we have cell phone coverage and / or internet access.

For, as long as I can remember going back to my childhood I can remember my dad "who is a retired truck driver" talk about the freight slow down.

Common Mistakes Newbies Make In Network Marketing

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Just about everyday I interact with individuals that are new to network marketing. Generally when I get to chat with them it is only after they've run into trouble or are conflicted about what they've heard and experienced.

Yesterday, I had a nice conversation with an individual who was going through this conflicting process and needed clarity in what she was doing.

Everyone knows that in business you have to promote your business right? Yet, we often do not select tools or materials to promote the company we are passionate about.

Some Just Love To Cold Call

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This year is really exciting to be in network marketing, my phone is ringing off the hook. Now that's exciting isn't it, just what we want to happen?

The new Scraper Pro users are chasing me down and pitching how I can generate an endless flow of leads if I only buy this software.

You have to love the pitch, "I just saw your website!" Yet, they don't even know my name or which website!

Just yesterday I received three phone calls...

Top 5 Ways To Become Unattractive In Network Marketing Today!

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Everyone talks about it today, "attraction marketing" the revolutionary way to get people to join your business. Yet, people continue to join the unattractive crowd everyday.

# 1 Use Ibuzzpro.

Face it people hate telemarketers or robots calling and interrupting their lives! They hate it so much that the FTC created some pretty strong laws.

They also increased the fines, so you really have to ask yourself can you really afford it if you get nailed?