Overview of Marketing Content Writer Career

Marketing content writing boasts the lion’s share among various fields in the freelance writing niche. Many companies are looking to generate leads from online platforms and establish their brand’s popularity.

A digital marketing content writer is, thus, highly sought after to help companies bridge the gap between traditional operations and the online market. Read on to discover the tasks of a content writer in digital marketing and the process of starting a career in digital marketing.

Why should you consider a career in content marketing?

Unlike other fields, marketing content writing boasts a vast demand and more opportunities, with many companies entering the area. The demand by marketing departments offers better chances for getting a position as compared to related writing fields.

Additionally, digital content marketing provides you with work flexibility, giving you charge over your schedule. As a content marketer, you can dictate your charge and take on multiple projects without succumbing to various geographical limitations.

Finally, content marketing exposes you to multiple fields of writing, allowing you to develop your skills as a writer.

Marketing content writer job description

A marketing content writer is tasked with creating online copy that appeals to a specific audience. This involves preparing SEO-optimized articles to ensure that you generate high organic traffic and increase prospects.

The content provided by a digital content marketer should:

  • Attract prospects
  • Establish online presence
  • Generate leads

As such, a marketing content writer should double as a digital marketer. The writer requires to be good at pitching ideas and selecting the platforms where their target audience lies. They may also play a role as influencers to make an appealing pitch to their prospects.

Some of the responsibilities of a content writer include:

  • Writing and editing copy to educate the audience on various goods and services
  • Optimizing content to gain domain authority and organic traffic
  • Liaising with various traffic analysis tools to refine approaches for optimal results

How to become a marketing content writer

Becoming a marketing content writer is a fantastic way to make money while maintaining your flexibility. For this, you should have a proper grasp of the audience’s language you are reaching and an adequate understanding of SEO.

As you start, you may either opt to enroll in a content mill or directly pitch to clients searching for content marketing writers. Although the initial payment may not be a thing to write home about, it is excellent for giving you rooting and building your portfolio.

As an entry writer, you should expose yourself to strategic content marketing and measure the success of various approaches. After honing the craft, you can easily network with others and reach out to clients searching for your skillset.

Content Marketing Writer Salary

Although different content marketers earn varying sums depending on their skills and reputation, content marketing ranks higher on average compared to fields like ghostwriting and copywriting.

Salary.com averages the annual salary for a digital content marketer between $58,000 and $75,000. However, the figure may fall below this threshold for an entry-level writer.

Final Take

Writing ranks among the most lucrative niches among various online ventures. These tips will help you navigate your path as you penetrate the marketing content writing niche.

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