21 Timely MLM and Network Marketing News Articles

…Everyday there news about something happening in the world of MLM-Network Marketing. Most of this news is nothing more than self-promotion, and occasionally there is something that is news worthy!

Below you will find blog posts about news that I felt where newsworthy and how it could affect on your business today and in the coming months and years.

That is a question that really needs an answer. Is SEO really dead on Google? Are they screwing with network marketers? Or is it everyone? Over the past few years I’ve noticed a trend, maybe you have too. In the short video I put together for this it kind of points out and supports the [...]

Hello Glenn here from network marketing works. I often wonder why news organizations are writing network marketing articles. Why do they care or more like what is their angle? You would think they would have far more important things to report about. Instead they take the time to write articles about how to succeed in [...]

With all the hoopla marketers used in the past to convince everyone of the impending death of network marketing as we know it! They claimed it would be replaced by internet network marketing, and many of us have utilized it very successfully in the past. Who really knows the shear number of blogs being created [...]

For anyone in network marketing thinking about tying the internet in I want to point out something you have to look forward to, network marketers who scrape content! Sadly there are a few network marketers out there who believe that they can just take what ever they want and train others to do the same [...]

I thought 2008 was a tough year for many in network marketing, 2009 seems to have been much worse. While many where all hoping that the economy would improve, there is still little evidence to suggest that it has done anything more than stop its slide off a cliff. It has left millions of people [...]

I wrote a post on Dec 5th titled the “Top 5 Ways to Become Unattractive In Network Marketing Today!” Number 2 on my list was to use the software Scraper Pro. As I stated there the software is not illegal! But, how many are using and promoting it (auto-dialers) could land you in serious financial [...]

Just about everyday you can find a news article that trashes network marketing. The real question is why are they doing it? Does it fall in line with the fact that they are losing market dominance in every facet of their business model? Or is it that we can no longer believe what they are [...]

The new rules that go into effect on December 1st 2009 are already having a chilling and welcome affect on network marketing advertising. The new rules or “Guides Concerning the Use Of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.” An 81 page document. For years now, we’ve all seen network marketing ads and landing pages that use [...]

Last year saw a resurgence of network marketing support companies “yeah right” began to push marketers to utilize auto-dialers in their marketing.

It is really sad that quite a few network marketers got sucked into these systems, lets face it no-one likes to prospect, so we’ll try to take the easy way out of it.

Today in the news was an article by CNBC Reporter Darren Rovell about Network Marketing company MonaVie’s sponsorship of Tomas Scheckter who competes in this weekends Indy 500.

In what appears clearly as a blatant attack on MLM – Network marketing by the CNBC reporter, dissecting it shows this article is total crap, “Is MonaVie Endorsement Risky?

First Darren indicates that he is not going to get into whether or not Acai is good or bad, he is going to talk about the numbers game.

Since the beginning of 2009 there have been quite a few news media articles written about network marketing. There has almost been at least one a week since the beginning of the year that places MLM – Network Marketing in an unfavorable light. I wrote a post along these lines last month titled “Are You [...]

Whether you like it or not sweeping changes maybe coming to network marketing and the way we advertise and promote, which in many cases this has been long over due.

When we look at the material many network marketers blog about today, under the new rules they could be held legally liable.

Often, they repeat claims of others yet have absolutely no way of verifying if it is even true.

In what seems like so many years ago, when I worked as a aviation electronics technician I would often work for a customer that was never happy with any work that was done. His favorite saying was fake it until you make it.

Even though, I had 18 years of experience I was working on small airplanes that where completely different as far as the problems that had to be solved. No longer did I have a wealth of technical data to work with, the wiring diagrams where vague and no two airplanes out of 25 where exactly a like, talk about challenges.

This week this article was pointed out to me and by it’s very nature is distrubing for many reasons. It really just goes to show that what we say can be manipulated by scandalous individuals. In this case an individual – company wrote negative publicity against Usana and also to a short position in it’s [...]

I came across this today, and did it ever hit the spot head on. It is something that is sorely needed in network marketing today.

Their mission is to show the world that network marketers care about ethics, fair competition and truth in marketing.

Unless distributors take a stand, government may soon take one for us. That’s not something that will be good for anyone.

In what could be a disturbing trend, of MLM companies, distributors suing other’s within the industry for false claims.

Quixtar Files Suit Against MonaVie.

Where would this take us? Personally if this is the case I could sue several former downline and up-line members as well.

The suit alleges that there are false statements and raiding of downlines going on. What is really interesting is if what they claim to be is true, why has the FDA not stepped in?

Kyani Inc, based out of Idaho Falls, Id is reported to have merged with Enliven International based in St. George Utah.

The two companies both in the nutritional side of network marketing have been around for a few years now. Kyani was established in 2005, it was reported that the company is one of the fastest growing nutritional network marketing companies in the U.S.

I could not find anything to substantiate that claim, but that does not mean it’s not true.