When You Couple The Right
Network Marketing Training,

With A Balanced Approach,
You Will Enjoy Greater Success!

You have heard the phrase “Knowledge is power.”
Yet, knowledge without action leads to failure.
And, so does following the wrong coaching!

Many of you have no doubt heard the metaphor: “Which came first the chicken or the egg?” This is a tough question with opposing views.

Yet, when it comes to getting involved with MLM – network marketing this is the dilemma many individuals face daily.

Today, there are two camps with extremely
polarized views as to what is the best course
of network marketing instruction!

The Old School Network Marketers, which most MLM companies utilize…

…And, the New School Network Marketers.

Is the guidance provided by either one right or wrong,
or does the truth lie somewhere in the middle?

Old school methods have you create a list of 100 – 200 names, your friends, and family, everyone you can think of…

…Oh, I can just see you rolling your eyes right now, it might be something you’ve tried and failed at.

The companies I was first involved with never really explained how to utilize that list other than to contact them all!

Or, even worse, let your up-line contact them, that dreaded 3-way call. Now your friends and family felt violated, after you blind sided them!

Yet, many of the great legends in network marketing achieved remarkable success utilizing nothing more than their warm market, and their down lines!

And, what about the dreaded super-secret hotel meetings, or home parties?

Old school methods then, and now, where “built around existing relationships,” I.E., your warm market. People who trust you and have a higher potential of wanting to do business with you!

New School Network Marketers, who in reality are “traditional internet marketers!” They have coined the terminology internet network marketing, attraction marketing, and many other variations.

Perpetrated by many who never actually achieved any measurable level of success as a network marketer! But, did achieve success selling e-books and / or lead generation systems…

This camp of network marketers utilizes a method some call outrageous marketing. Undoubtedly, if you’ve been in network marketing for any length of time, you’ve seen ads with headlines that read:

Your Company And Up line are lying to you!

Secrets Your Up-line doesn’t want you to know!

Only Suckers Buy Leads!

“Insert Company Name” Secrets…

Stop Bugging Your Friends And Family!

Become The Hunted, Instead Of The Hunter!

How to Become A Recruiting Rockstar!

How to Become A Recruiting Superstar!

These new schoolers, have an extremely polarized view on what is the best course to achieve network marketing success. Almost as polarizing as the climate debate, for example:

I had this comment made on a blog post I did awhile back which shows the devision between these two styles of marketing old school vs new school…

From Rod:

Geeze…get your business building strategies out of the stone age! Warm marketing prospecting is the lamest from of marketing there is…it’s one of the reasons for the 97% failure rate in this industry. Build a filtering system, use technology to drive large numbers of prospects to the system, then work with those who contact you. Creating 50 to 200 prospects per day and filtering out those who are not serious is easy to do. Working your warm market is painfully slow and ridiculous marketing.

Now to be fair, working online and having people find you is very effective

I’ve done it for years as you can clearly see, you’re here reading this page now! I’ve generated 10s of thousands of targeted network marketing leads online.

So, when a new schooler makes the statements:

“It’s one of the reasons for the 97% failure rate in this industry.” Do they even know who and when that figure first appeared?


“Working your warm market is painfully slow and ridiculous marketing”

I have to ask…

…Is it anymore ridiculous than getting on twitter and spending hour after hour blasting out one tweet after another to your landing – squeeze page?

Is it anymore ridiculous to believe that chasing down and following people on twitter who blog about network marketing is actually creating a lead…

…And when they follow you back, you send them a direct message that states how you can generate endless leads and become the hunted instead of the hunter?

Is it anymore ridiculous to say “Stop Bugging Your Friends and Family” and then ask me to friend you on facebook…

…So you can bug my friends and family with your business opportunity? I dont’ think so!

Is it anymore ridiculous than using software like Scraper Pro to harvest other network marketers telephone numbers, plug them into a auto-dialer, violating the FTC rules and guidelines.

Is it anymore ridiculous to follow the instructions of a new school network marketing trainer who tells you…

…It is perfectly legal to scrape the content off of my website or anyone else’s and then post it on your site?

And, then wonder why Google removes your blogger website, never to return! Or you goto your website and instead of seeing your front page you see a message to contact your web hosting company!

…And, yet this happens to unsuspecting people all the time based on bad guidance!

It possibly explains why…

…Here is an industry that has been around for almost 6 decades now, and contrary to popular belief the industry is not growing.

And, no it’s not exploding either, most of the activity is simply recycling individuals from one network marketing company to the next!

There is one thing both old school and new school do and agree on, they’ll both slap you on the back and tell you to just keep doing more of it…

…Even when it is not working!

Well, if you’ve read this far, you’ll clearly see why I’ll never win any popularity contests with either of the above two camps!.

I’m not here writing this to make you feel good! I’m here to get you to open your eyes, see through the hype and and mis-direction, and get you to think about what its really going to take to create lasting success.

And, yet there is a third camp in the
network marketing training arena!

The camp I belong too! A place where individuals can get the training and guidance that allows them to build a long term successful business.

Guidance that shows you how to reach out to new prospects and customers whether you are doing it online, offline, purchased leads, even social media etc…

A camp, that has spent over $10 million in marketing research, their money, not yours! Bringing to you only the methods that work, and give you the highest return on investment of both time and money.

…And the experience to provide the coaching and feedback on any challenge, you’ll encounter whether that is online, offline, warm market, or leads as you’re building your business…

…No more slaps on the back and being told to just do more of it!

If you’re tired of the endlessly chasing people down on social sites, tweeting your life away, If you’re tired of wasting your money on (PPC) while promoting someone else and getting nowhere!

Maybe it’s time you visited the camp where both the old school and new school network marketers got their tutoring from…

Discover for yourself why their members are 10 times more successful than the average network marketer! After all, not all network marketing training is the same, some only makes you a better network, some makes you a great net-worker!