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…Everyday there news about something happening in the world of MLM-Network Marketing. Most of this news is nothing more than self-promotion, and occasionally there is something that is news worthy!

Below you will find blog posts about news that I felt was news worthy and how it could affect on your business today and in the coming months and years.

With all the hoopla marketers used in the past to convince everyone of the impending death of network marketing as we know it!
They claimed it would be replaced by internet network marketing, and many of us have utilized it very successfully in the past.

For anyone in network marketing thinking about tying the internet in I want to point out something you have to look forward to.
Sadly there are a few individuals out there who believe that they can just take what ever they want and train others to do the same thing.

I thought 2008 was a tough year for many in network marketing, 2009 seems to have been much worse. While many where all hoping that the economy would improve, there is still little evidence to suggest that it has done anything more than stop its slide off a cliff.

It has left millions of people unemployed, with many of them still searching for employment. It is interesting how ones perspective can change from “I want to fire my boss to how do I keep my job!”

Just about everyday you can find a news article that trashes network marketing. The real question is why are they doing it?

Does it fall in line with the fact that they are losing market dominance in every facet of their business model? Or is it that we can no longer believe what they are reporting?

The evidence appears to be leaning in that direction. Stories that really matter are totally ignored for those that will drive visitors and ratings.

The new rules that go into effect on December 1st 2009 are already having a chilling and welcome affect on network marketing advertising.

The new rules or “Guides Concerning the Use Of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.” An 81 page document which you can download here.

For years now, we’ve all seen network marketing ads and landing pages that use claims and testimonials that well lead you to believe everyone can expect these results until…

Last year saw a resurgence of network marketing support companies “yeah right” began to push marketers to utilize auto-dialers in their marketing.

It is really sad that quite a few network marketers got sucked into these systems, lets face it no-one likes to prospect, so we’ll try to take the easy way out of it.

Today in the news was an article by CNBC Reporter Darren Rovell about Network Marketing company MonaVie’s sponsorship of Tomas Scheckter who competes in this weekends Indy 500.

In what appears clearly as a blatant attack on MLM – Network marketing by the CNBC reporter, dissecting it shows this article is total crap, “Is MonaVie Endorsement Risky?

First Darren indicates that he is not going to get into whether or not Acai is good or bad, he is going to talk about the numbers game.

Since the beginning of 2009 there have been quite a few news media articles written about network marketing.

There has almost been at least one a week since the beginning of the year that places MLM – Network Marketing in an unfavorable light.

I wrote a post along these lines last month titled “Are You Helping Or Hurting Network Marketing Today?” From the 1st of April until the May 16th there have been literally dozens of negative articles tying our chosen home business to pyramid schemes or scams.

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