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Glenn Burks

From the desk of Glenn D Burks

Dear Friend:

It seems like just about everyone in network marketing is calling themselves a coach nowadays. But does claiming to be a coach actually make them one?

In most cases the answer is “NO.” Mater of fact, often you’ll find that a so-called network marketing coach is just barely two weeks ahead of you. So much for being an expert!

A few years ago I was looking for a real tested advice to help me build my own network marketing business.

What I found was that 99% of so-called coaches could not answer these simple questions… let alone guide me to success!

99% could not answer these simple questions…

Question #1: What is the correct way to qualify and approach my family, or friends about my business opportunity?

Question #2: How do I correctly and effectively follow-up with Joe, my daughters softball coach after giving him my business opportunity DVD?

Question #3: How do I overcome skeptical prospects I meet, most of them want proof that it works?

Question #4: My biggest challenge is Fear, how do you recommend I overcome this self-doubt?

Question #5: I’m not a “People Person,” how can I overcome this and enjoy success?

These questions are easy enough – after all the answers are at the heart of every true network marketing success…

So why is that the so-called coaches can’t answer them (or any of a thousand similar ones)???

Now think about your situation…

How successful do you want to become?

How close are you to achieving the income goals that you desire?

If you continue doing what you are now, where will you be in 3 months, 6months, 1 year?

Let’s face it, we are all striving for success in network marketing! After all, didn’t you get into your business to earn the income, enjoy the time freedom and have the ability to help others?

You got into network marketing to call your own shots…

Unfortunately, chances are that you’re not anywhere close to where you desire to be today, otherwise you would not be here reading this page now!

That’s why what I’m about to share with you is so noteworthy…

When I first started in network marketing, I was like most people in this business in that I had a very limited budget.

Being the tech savvy person that I am, I figured I could do it all by myself. After all there was so much information on the internet…

Was I ever wrong…

Now, I wasn’t looking to get ungodly rich…
just a realistic way to generate $5000 a month in residual income from network marketing.

Following advice, I would later discover was merely self-professed guru’s, with no real track record to speak of, sure they had large adwords budget, guess that makes you an expert…

I ended up burning thru $3,000 in ads within a month, with very little to show for it!

What I didn’t know at the time, that same $3,000 could have paid for 5 years worth of profesional training and network marketing coaching… I’ll tell you more about that later!

So being the stubborn person I am, ask my wife Sandra, I continued to cruise the Internet devouring every piece of information I could lay my hands on!

Chasing down every rabbit trail, looking for the truth…

Most of which I later learned turned out to be a huge waste of my time and more important, my money…

By 2003 I was right about where you are now.

With the technical skills I had as a systems trouble shooter, I taught myself about websites and SEO. That was actually the easy part, simply paint by the numbers!

I reached the coveted top 10 listing in all the major search engines for network marketing…

I had all the traffic I could want, averaging about 500+ unique visitors per day, per site. Still something was still missing…

…nobody was joining my business opportunity!

I plugged into lead generation system after lead generation system. Each of them promising to be the cure of all cures! I thought, all I need is more self-generated leads, that’s the solution, Right!… Only to later to discover that was not it either!

I did have a few people calling me each week! That was the way it is supposed to work right, being the hunted, not the hunter, having people chase me down!

I had done everything right! Yet, something was still missing, this mystery piece of the puzzle that I just could not quite put my hands on.

I truly needed someone that I could bounce questions off of…

I was looking for the answers, you know those hidden secrets that only the top 3% know. Those hidden gems that would unlock network marketing success for me!

I started searching for a network marketing coach, someone that could help and guide me, and figure out just what I was doing wrong. I found individuals that really had no more experience than I did, some of them even had less experience, offering to mentor me for free…

Turns out this was…

nothing more than an opportunity to join their business!

I already had a business I was passionate about and was not about to jump-ship!

Talk about being frustrated!

I already had a vision of what a Coach is, and what Coaching should be about is:

A coach;

  • Is someone who truly cares about what people want, what they want to create. He or She “the coach” is there to hold them accountable for their actions and to keep them focused on achieving their goals within their network marketing business.
  • A good coach is someone who will tell you things that maybe be painful to hear. They will let you know where you are strong, where you lack skills. They will guide you to the resources you need to achieve these goals you’ve set out for yourself.

Coaching is;

  • Not about solving problems even though problems will be solved. It is not about getting results, improving performance or achieving goals. Coaching will effectively help you to understand, see the problems and empower you to find the answers / solutions to the problems.

That was my perception…

I was not looking for advice on how to trick, pitch, convince, magnetic-hypnotic phrases in order to get someone join my business opportunity… thats just plain tacky and deceitful!

I was not looking for coaching on how to hunt people down on Twitter, Facebook, and a dozen other social sites, by watching a bunch of video’s, “I wasn’t interested in competing with 100’s of thousands of people anyway.

I was tired of looking at so called coaches with statements like:

  • Only Suckers Buy Leads Stop Cold Calling… I wanted to know how to do this, and more important, make it work! If others are achieving success with this method what are their secrets? What is it that I didn’t know, that I could apply to any lead?
  • Stop Bugging Your Friends and Family… Do they mean give up on the people who trust me the most, those that I already have a relationship with. Instead of how a good network marketing coach could guide me towards how to qualify, and then approach my warm market, those who qualified without killing our relationship!
  • Stop Going To Local meetings… I wanted to know what techniques-process should I use to get network marketing prospects to my local meetings, without having to trick to them! Frankly I don’t like lying to anyone, it’s just not my style!

That’s when the light went on, I realized individuals who utilized
statements like that where not network marketing coaches at all!

In fact, most where just scammers trying to get me to by another e-book that promised to unlock the secrets to success…

When asked questions about prospecting or anything for that matter, their answers where so vague, it reminded me of my children when they where three years old! I needed a source that could answer any question I posed.

I was looking for a mentor, a coach, who could provide the guidance necessary to become effective in all aspects of my network marketing business, whether online, offline, warm marketing, cold market etc…

The coaches that looked legitimate, wanted anywhere from $150 to $1,500 per hour for coaching! “I couldn’t afford $500 to $6,000 a month for coaching from someone with a proven track record.”

In despair, I resigned myself to the fact that network marketing coaching I had seen plastered all over the internet including what landed in my inbox, was just way to expensive for me… Legitimate or not – it was overpriced!

Until… in 2003…

I stumbled upon a resource.

What I found, with out a doubt is the best kept secret in MLM – Network Marketing… and still is today!

I had been searching for quality network marketing training for almost a year. I subscribed because I feel it offers the perfect combination of materials and LIVE support.

Cara Gooding

When I discovered who else was using this resource, an immediate thought came to mind… why would they want to keep you and I from knowing about it? What where they afraid we would discover… More about that later…

“Yes, network marketing works!! I wanted to find that out for myself a little over two and a half years ago when I came to Leaders Club, does network marketing really work? And I found out by applying the market tested strategies taught at Leaders Club that it really does work.”

Ann Sieg

Let me be honest here though, I found this hidden gem while I was looking for a new source of leads…

Yet, when I compared it to what others offered there was no comparison…

Weekly Live Network Marketing Coaching…
Accountability Groups…
Open Coaching calls…
MasterMind Forum…

This was incredible, no matter what question I might have there was a team of experts…  ready willing and able to answer my questions on any topic… mentoring from people that actually had proven credentials, not some posers…

No Hype, No Smoke, No Baloney, and no Up-sells!

Finally I was getting the answers too…

  • The correct way to approach my family and friends about my business opportunity… Opening doors that where previously slammed shut…
  • How to correctly follow-up with some one I had qualified before giving my expensive DVD to…
  • How to deal with Skeptical Prospects… While Building credibility…
  • How to turn my web visitors into hot prospects just itching to work with me!

… and much more!

Every time I look at the forums I see another answered question that was on my list to post for an answer. Good question a good answer just what I needed. I like it… I like it…

Rod Wambold

Yet, this was just the tip of the iceberg…

Not only could I get my questions answered, live, I also had access to quite possibly the largest audio training library in network marketing!

… the exclusive training archive – including over 500 hours of audio and video training.

I am only in my second week of training but I can tell you I have already learned more practical things I can do to become a leader this week than I have learned at numerous company sponsored training events over the last 15 years.

Brad Aden

Subjects like:

  • Prospecting & Follow-up
  • Motivation, Goals and Planning
  • Leadership and Duplication
  • Advertising, Marketing and the Internet

Along with hundreds of articles on every topic:

  • Lead Generation
  • PPC Pay per Click
  • SEO
  • Blogging
  • Social Networking
  • Prospecting
  • Motivation
  • Confidence
  • Self-esteem
  • Duplication

…along with a unique one of a kind, customized INDIVIDUALIZED SUCCESS PLAN… A plan written specifically for me, one that addressed my specific background, knowledge, and challenges…

The Individual Success Plan has got to be the best thing that has happened to me, and I actually Feel like I have control over my own future in the business!

Jim & Shari Pope

I’ve just completed the first week of my ISP. WOW, this info really rocks! “Top notch training” is an understatement. I’ve tried Network Marketing off and on for the past 10 years and I never had an upline begin to tell me the truth about this industry and what it takes to be successful.

Jeffrey Forman

and you can have one tailored just for you!

Perry Marshall on why coaching is vital for success…

In an economic downturn, when people are so open to business opportunities and “turn key” marketing systems and plans, and so sick and tired of the negative media vomit, so wanting to believe in something good, that they eagerly jump in.

Their desire to believe and hope is so great, they don’t realize they’re missing the most essential ingredient in all of marketing:

A USP, a Unique Selling Proposition

If someone hands you a turn-key business, one where “anybody can do it!”, the very fact that “anybody can do it” means you lack a USP.

For most businesses, the failure rate is 90%.

For “anybody can do it” businesses, the failure rate is 99.9%. Ah, the irony.

The lack of a USP for the individual business owner is why.

See, the key to a successful business is not doing something that “anybody can do” (that just makes something hard look easy); it’s finding something that very few people WILL do.

– Perry Marshall (author and online marketing consultant)

Let me be quite frank here, an unequivocal fact is you can read;

  • all the books
  • listen to audio’s
  • read dozens of written reports
  • watch numerous video’s!

Yet what really sets apart those whom are successful apart from those who are not… is when you supplement this with the right Network Marketing Coaching!

Buying training programs is OK, but nothing takes the place of having contact with a real person, not a CD or and MP3 download.

Joe Washburn

Now let me ask you – how much would you realistically expect to pay for this level of mentoring – training?

  • Largest Network Marketing Training Library
  • Tested Prospecting Scripts
  • Email Follow-up Templates
  • Prospecting Call Guide
  • Tracking Worksheets
  • Individualized Success Plan
  • Personal Success Advisor
  • Live Weekly Broadcasts
  • Live Group Coaching
  • 24 X 7 Support Community
  • Free Web Hosting
  • … and more

… and the step by step guidance to make it work for you, and understand each part of the process?

I am self-employed and have found the resources extremely helpful and well worth the monthly membership fee. What may be a surprise is I am my only employee in a niche market and not with an MLM, but have still found easily 75% of the materials I’ve reviewed are relevant for my own situation.

Charles Merkel


40 days into my new company and $1400 later I am quickly realizing that I need serious direction/training.

Lucy Ross Bowden

Leaders Club has been like a life jacket thrown to a drowning person. I can’t begin to tell you how much the training has helped me with My Primary Business. I would not be in network marketing if not for LC.

Linda Gibbs

I am thankful for Leaders Club because they saved my dream of becoming a successful network marketer by teaching me the honest truth about what it really takes to do so. I would have given up if it wasn’t for the insightful training.

Jeremy Roos

So who is this company?

The company is Leaders Club! They have been supporting Network Marketers achieve greater success since 1994, in fact they are one of the oldest Network Marketing Coaching and training companies around… with a proven track record!

They’ve invested over $10 Million in marketing research, ensuring that you only get tested and proven material! You’ll get honest facts on what really works!

What if I told you that you could get access to over $23,000 worth of success resources and growing

Would it not be in your best interest to take a look?

After all you can test every aspect of LC for a full 30 days without risk! IF it’s not exactly the way I say it is…

If it’s not even better then I say, then simply call LC before the 30 days is up and ask for a refund – simple as that.

They only thing to lose are the real solutions you could be getting every week from live expert network marketing coaching!

But, the only way to prove the value of Leaders Club is to try it yourself!
Subscribe to the club Risk Free Today!

I was very reluctant to subscribe because I had purchased useless training materials before and when my sponsor pointed out to me that there was no risk, it made all the difference. The money back guarantee was the deciding factor to become a Leaders Club subscriber.

Kendra Widmyer

It is great to know that Leaders Club backs their products and services with this guarantee. The deciding factor for me was when I spoke with someone and realized the intensity of the training, as well as it being affordable (within my budget) is what sealed the deal.

Debra Miller