Network Marketing Company Reviews

Searching through a list of network marketing companies can be a very exhaustive, endeavor.

Picking the right one is even more challenging today then ever before.

Everyday it seems a new company pops-up that is going to revolutionize the network marketing industry.

Often these companies will bring on well known individuals to endorse or even run the company.

Of course I’ve picked my recommended network marketing companies. You’ll see them with the Gold Star attached. 

Of course I’d love to work with you in building a business. As a certified marketing consultant I now concentrate on my team. 

So why Anovite? 7 years ago my health began to deteriorate. I can remember coming out of anesthesia and hearing the Doctor telling my wife it was the worst he had ever seen. He was referring to acid reflux disease. He put me on medication, a very popular purple pill. 2 ½ months later I [...]

If you’ve watched my video series Network Marketing Beginners Introduction. You would understand how CTFO became my top recommended network marketing company. I’ve been in this business a very long time. Longer than I care to remember. It used to be all about the pay plan and how much money that could be made. CTFO [...]

4Life Research Profile 4Life Research offers an extraordinary opportunity for people everywhere who want to improve the way they live. 4Life is the only company with Transfer Factor, a revolutionary product that enhances health by boosting the immune system. Other nutritional products treat health issues symptom by symptom. Transfer Factor goes right to the source the [...]

5Linx This is an exciting company, with a large offering of products for the consumer to choose from. Their product line starts out with a digital home phone server called Globallinx with both residential and commercial service. They also have what looks like a very cool videophone. The rates look very competitive with the rest [...]

ACN Inc ACN is a leader in the rapid expansion of the global telecommunications industry and has become one of the world’s leading direct sellers, having serviced millions of satisfied customers in 12 different countries. With more than 40% annualized growth and half a billion dollars in annualized sales. ACN has earned its place as [...]

AIM International Inc AIM International Inc began in 1982 so its a company that has been around for quite some time. The company has grown to an active member base of over 100,000. AIM is recognized as one of Idaho’s top 75 private companies. Aim International Inc is a nutrional network marketing company with a [...]

AMS Health Sciences AMS Health Sciences formerly know as Advantage Marketing systems is a member of the direct selling association. AMS has operations in North America and beyond. They currently sell more then 60 nutritional supplements, weight management and skincare products. AMS Health Sciences mission is to make a positive impact on the health and [...]

Amway Amway Corporation truly is the global leader in Network Marketing. Having established themselves as a company over 45 years ago. Amway has fought many battles that have helped establish the rights for so many other network marketing companies to exist today. Alticor Inc is the parent company of Amway Corp. In 1999 they launched [...]

Arbonne International LLC Arbonne is a rapidly growing network marketing business today. They have some unique products offered. They also have the Arbonne Institute of Research and Development, located in Switzerland, where they develop their skin care products. They also carry a weight loss and nutrition program with products such as Figure8 weight loss, Figure8 [...]

BeautiControl BeautiControl is an international manufacturer and party-plan direct-sales company. The company was founded in 1981. The BeautiControl corporate headquarters is located in Carrollton, Texas. BeautiControl, Inc. 2121 Midway Road Carrollton, TX 75006 If you have a comment on Beauticontrol, feel free to leave it below. Please note that links to sites will not [...]

BioMetics International Inc. BioMetics International is a health and nutrition company. They where founded in 1993 so have stood the test. Their primary product is Emusol® Micellization. BioMetics International Inc. 1170 Avenida Acaso Camarillo, CA 93012 PH: 805.383.3535 FAX: 805.383.3530 If you have a comment on BioMetics International Inc., feel free to leave it [...]

Bodywise International This company is involved in the nutritional supplement industry. They have been around since 1989. Their products: Weight Management, Essential Nutrition, Heart Health, Immune Health, Performance Nutrition, Womens Health. BodyWise is also a member of the Direct Selling association. So If your looking for a company in the health and nutrition field this [...]

Eniva Corporation Is another company which carries quite a few nutritional products along with products for pets. They also carry cleaners for both household and automotive applications. Eniva Corporation 1 Eniva Way Anoka, MN 55303 If you have a comment on Eniva Corporation, feel free to leave it below. Please note that links to [...]

Essante Essante Worldwide™ by Fun Unlimited Inc. Essante Worldwide Contact Info: 2329 West Mescal suite #’s 303 & 304 Phoenix Arizona 85029 Phone: 602 595 7560 Fax: 602 861 8260 Is a nutritonal company founded in 2003 with the goal of improving ones health. Their product line includes: Essante Weight Loss • Power-Pops Essante Energy [...]

Financial Destinations Inc. FDI is a network marketing telecommunications company located in Windham, New Hampshire. One of their products FDI Hands Free enables hands-free dialing, email, and text messaging. Something that is very important today, especially with the stepped up enforcement and new laws being created. Who wouldn’t like to have an assistant? FDIVoice is [...]

FirstFitness International Inc Was founded in 1989 so they’ve been around for quite awhile now. They have their headquarters in Dallas, Texas. They are another health and wellness company that you might want to look at with a product line-up that includes; Suddenly Slim XTREAME Reneu SPN Energy Drink SPN Rehydration Drink Bionic Tonic Zavita [...]

Forever Living Products Was founded in 1978 and today is a multi-billion dollar company. Their headquarters are in Scottsdale, Arizona. On their site the claim to have over nine and a half million distributors in over 145 countries. Like many mlm companies today they are in the health and wellness industry with a multitude of [...]

ForeverGreen ForeverGreen now exclusively handles the nutrional products from Brain Garden another in a long list of health and nutritional network marketing companies. ForeverGreen Corporate Headquarters 972 North 1430 West Orem, Utah 84057 Open Monday-Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Phone: 1-801-655-5500 Order Entry: 1-801-655-1000 Fax: 1-801-655-5505 Email: ForeverGreen Mexico Office Av. Chapultepec [...]

ForMor International Started up in the fall of 1992. They are located in Conway, Arkansas and are also in the health and wellness industry. Today they are in over 40 countries so it is also a global business and have local service and distribution in the U.S., Mexico, Singapore, Poland, and the Philippines. Their product [...]

FreeLife International Was founded in 1995 and is another network marketing company in the health and wellness area. They have their headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona and they have expanded and are now in over 26 countries worldwide. Some of their products are: GoChi TAIslim Jule of the Orient Himalayan Gogi Juice Reverse Daily Edge Chi3 [...]

Global Domains International – GDI Ok so why is Global Domains International listed here in a site about network marketing? It has to do with marketing, It does not matter what company you are with, you need a online presence. Our business is about connecting with people, word of mouth sales and marketing. GDI, provides [...]

GNLD International LLC Is a 50 year old company, so that should tell us something about staying power. As most companies are they are in the health and wellness category as well. There headquarters are located in Fremont, California but are found quite a few other countries as well. With: Nutritional Weight Loss Herbals Skin [...]

GoldShield Elite Goldshield Elite is a wonderful combination of the very best of Achievers Unlimited, Changes International, Golden Pride, and the W.T. Rawleigh Company. Together these companies have offered their outstanding health and home product lines for well over 150 years. Our tradition of quality began in 1889 and through our products, members, and satisfied [...]

Herbalife International Is located in 66 countries and have helped 45 million customers lose weight and become healthy. Who’s Who ?? The people behind our products, Dr. Lou Ignarro, Ph D is the winner of the Nobel Laureate in Medicine. He has developed the targeted nutrients for a healthy heart. We have many other very [...]

Heritage Health Products As the name implies Heritage is another company in the health and wellness network marketing field. The company was founded in 1993 so they’ve been here for awhile as well. There product line varies: Activator Coffee Aloe Essence Anti-Stress Berry Blast Cat’s Claw Detox Dino-Bites E-Lite Plus E-Lite II And many other [...]

Immunotec Research Ltd Immunotec Research LTD is located in Montreal, Canda. They are just one of the many health and nutritional companies out there today. Immunotec Research Ltd. 300 Joseph Carrier Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec Canada J7V 5V5 Phone:   1 450 424-9992 Local fax: 1 450 424-9993 If you have a comment on Immunotec Research Ltd., feel [...]

Kaire International Is located in Langley, British Columbia and has been in business for over 17 years. They are another network marketing company in the health and wellness industry. They are located in Canada, United States, Australia, and New Zealand. With products like” Maritime Prime Super Maritime Prime MSM Complex Kaire Advanced Multi-Nutrient Complex Kaire [...]

Krystal Planet Krystal Planet is a Krystal Energy company. Their web site has been down for quite some time now making one wonder if they are still in business as a network marketing company. Krystal Planet’s headquarters are located in Lenexa, Kansas. They have what should be a very hot product line based on todays [...]

Life Force International Life Force has been in business for over 25 years with headquarters In the United States. They are also have operations in New Zealand, Canada, and Australia as well. And, they are another network marketing company in the health and wellness arena. With Products like: Body Balance OsteoProCare OsteoOmegaCare FlexeoPlus AminoCharge TrueGreens [...]

Mannatech Inc. In 2006, Forbes magazine placed Mannatech in the top 10 of their list of the best 200 small-cap businesses for good reason.  A debt-free company with sales exceeding $400 million in the past year Mannatech is just reaching its stride. Mannatech is a fast-growing publicly traded network marketing company.  Introduced in 1994, it [...]

Market America Was founded in 1992 and are located in Greensboro, North Carolina. They also have international operations in Austraila, Canada, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. This company carries such a wide variety of products compiling a list would be impossible but here is just a summary. Anti-Aging Acne Care Anti-Aging Cleansers Anti-Aging Exfoliators Anti-Aging Moisturizers [...]

Max International Max International began operations in February 2007 with what was termed their soft launch phase…Max’s Official Launch Convention was held in September of 2007 in Salt Lake City, UT where Max Corporate offices are located. Max International Founders: Steven K. Scott Steve is well known in the infomercial marketplace as a primary mover [...]

Melaleuca   Melaleuca, is a health and nutrition network marketing business with almost 300 products. They where founded in 1985 which indicates to me that they are a stable company. To contact Melalueca Melaleuca Headquarters 3910 South Yellowstone Hwy. Idaho Falls, ID 83402 Phone: 208-522-0700 If you have a comment on Melaleuca, feel free [...]

Nature’s Sunshine Products Nature’s Sunshine Products web site indicates that it is the worlds leader in herbs and health supplements and they have been providing this for over a quarter century. Nature’s Sunshine Products, Inc. 75 East 1700 South P.O. Box 19005 Provo, Utah 84605-9005 800-223-8225 If you have a comment on Nature’s Sunshine [...]

Nu Skin Worldwide has been around for over two decades and provides quality Anti-Aging, Skin care products (Nu Skin) and nutritional supplements (Pharmanex) . The company is located in North America, Latin America, Africa, South Pacific, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Nu Skin Worldwide 75 West Center Provo, UT 84601 If you have [...]

Numis Network LLC Numis Network has become a pioneer in network marketing bringing together network marketers and gold and silver. The company is still relatively new, yet their product line is something that many people buy and collect. While a vast majority does not adequately save, this could provide that opportunity that one could add [...]

Orenda International Orenda Internation is based out of Tempe, Arizona. Their product line focuses on the area of Anti-Aging, Immune Science and Weight Management. This company is also a member of the Direct selling association. The company started in 2002. Product line-up: Anti-Aging includes O-tropin and Orenda’s AntiAging Serum. Immune Science – Orenda Immune™ Weight [...]

Oxyfresh Worldwide Inc. This is a company that has stood the test of time, they’ve been in the network marketing business for over 20 years. Oxyfresh is a health and wellness company with a nice product line that does not just include us humans but also our pets. The provide Dental Health Care products along [...]

Rarely do you come across a network marketing company that truly excites you about its potential, like Powur does. Early in 2007 I stumbled upon an emerging network marketing company by accident and it really got me excited! This was the best solution I had seen to addressed many issues, I’d faced in building [...]

Pre-Paid Legal This company has a history that goes back many years. They have been a network marketing company since 1983 and will I’m sure be around for quite some time. Pre-paid Legal was listed on the NASDAQ back in 1984 and two years later moved to the American Stock Exchange. In 1994 the company [...]

Projoba International ProJoba International is known around the globe as the Pioneer and World Leader in Neo-Nutrition Technology. After implementing their powerful network marketing compensation plan in early 2002, Projoba has enjoyed tremendous growth! The projoba nutritional line, is based on the many incredible benefits of flower pollen. In a world where our foods are [...]

Reliv International Reliv International founded in 1988 shows that it is in business in 13 countries around the world. The companies product line includes; Nutritional targeting sports, weight and nutraceuticals. They also have Skincare product line covering Cleansers, Moisturizers and Targeted Therapies. Reliv would be another company that you should be on your list if [...]

Simplexity Health Simplexity Health is a direct sales company with a network of independent Business Associates that has been in business for more than twenty years. Simplexity Health as the name implies provides unique nutritional products. Simplexity Health PO Box 609 565 Century Court Klamath Falls, Oregon 97601 If you have a comment on [...]

Synergy WorldWide Synergy WorldWide was founded in 1999, making them also a stable network marketing nutritional company. While I am not a rep with this company I personally use their product ProArgi-9. Synergy WorldWide USA 5152 N. Edgewood Drive Suite #200 Provo, Utah 84604 801-431-7600 If you have a comment on Synergy Worldwide, feel [...]

Tahitian Noni International Tahitian Noni International was founded in July 1996 and it home office is located in Provo, Utah. We are a totally debt free company. Currently we conduct business in 73 countries, with 65 different languages; we have over 40 offices throughout the world, and the first company to bring Noni to the [...]

The National Safety Corporation Business History NSC was established as a California Corporation in 2007, although it was conceptually created and has been in development since 1999. The company has been created in response to the increasing need and demand for safety related products and services in the American marketplace. Many companies are developing safety [...]

Usana Usana Health Sciences is a health and nutrition company. They where voted #1 by MLM Insider magazine but as in any poll, numbers can always be skewed to make them look better. This not to say that Usana is not a great company. Contact information: USANA United States 3838 West Parkway Boulevard Salt Lake [...]

Vitamark International Vitamark International was founded in 2002, its founders have been working together as industry innovators for quite a while! Cajun Country Candy has also officially merged into Vitamark International, the diet cookie company. Vitamark International 13430 Northwest Freeway, Suite 290 Houston, TX 77040 Their Product line includes: Nutrional products Personal Care Products [...]

Vollara Is a relatively new company with a parent company that goes back decades. Their product line is comprises, weight loss products, nutritional products, and Air and Water filtration systems along with a power conditioning product called SteadyPower. Vollara No physical address given on their website. If you have a comment on Vollara, feel [...]

Watkins The Watkins Business Opportunity In 1868, J. R. Watkins laid the foundation of the Direct Selling Industry, giving men and women the opportunity to earn a part-time or full-time income by sharing the Watkins products they loved. It currently has nearly 400 consumable products. Along with its longevity, Watkins long-standing commitment to product excellence [...]

Xango Xango, LLC was the first health and nutritional company to market a premium mangosteen beverage. Xango is a privately held company based in Utah and has a gobal network which includes the U.S., Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada and numerous international markets as well. Xango LLC 3098 W. Executive Park Way Lehi, UT [...]