Having A Consistent Flow Of
Network Marketing Leads

And, Knowing How To Work Them
Will Be The Key To Your Success!


Once you begin your network marketing career one of the first challenges you’ll face is having enough leads to build your business.

If you’re like most people you’re probably not comfortable pitching you business opportunity to your friends and relatives as most companies suggest you do.

Yet, everyone of us is faced with the same dilemma, without a steady flow of prospects, and consistent prospecting our business will never grow!

If we are not careful, and smart, we’ll have ended up spending more time and money than we could possibly ever make back.

What Options Are Available For
Generating Network Marketing Leads?

As I previously mentioned you could of course approach your friends and family, if you know they are a qualified prospect. And, that’s a big “IF” do you know how to qualify them?

I know that when I first started in network marketing and I’m sure happened to you, I didn’t know the first thing about how to properly qualify my warm market and friends!

I like so many others blindly followed the advice of my company and up-line, pitching the opportunity to anyone that would listen. Have you done that yet?

I’m sure that you got the same results I did “let me know when you’re successful!”

Another option we have is we can generate our own leads. I did when I first started after I’d alienated my warm market and friends.

In the first month alone I burned through $3,000, sponsored 4 people, 3 who quit within the first month. That was something that I didn’t want to share with my spouse.

That painful lesson came long before the (PPC) experts arrived on the scene. I like so many others quickly found out that generating my own network marketing leads online was expensive!

When you couple the expense with poor prospecting skills, it was and still is a recipe for financial disaster! Then my up-line suggested we buy leads, form and form a co-op.

Has I found out and I’m sure you have as well you, there is no shortage of companies out there more than willing to sell you opportunity seeker leads, genealogy lists etc…

After exhausting my advertising budget, I went along with the advice of my up-line and purchased leads from several different companies.

It didn’t really matter which company the opportunity seeker leads came from, most people just where not interested…

…If you’ve worked leads at all, you do know what I’m talking about:

How did you get my number?
Take Me Off Your List!
Hanging up on me etc…

Every company was the same, here are the leads, here is a few scripts, just do more of it! It was beginning to look like a no-win situation.

Contacting my warm market and friends wasn’t working, Pay-Per-Click was to expensive, and leads just where not responding either!

Finding network marketing prospects was not the problem!

I had tried every source from purchased, self-generated, referrals, even my warm market!

Maybe that’s why if you’ve spent anytime reading on my website here you’ll understand why I’m so cynical about the advertisements I see today! I’ve been there, I’ve worked at it, and I know what is reality and what is fantasy.

Finding The Last Leads Company Was My Eureka Moment!

It was that tipping point in my life that showed me clearly why my prospecting wasn’t working! I’d never been taught how to properly prospect, I’d listened to all the companies audio’s and trainers they brought in.

Like many people, I had read Kiyosaki’s books and followed his recommendation to get into network marketing. His reasoning was “the education” to learn how to sell, which is exactly what prospecting is!

Yet, most companies and our own actions have us doing it backwards. No wonder so many of us struggle and ultimately fail!

Prospecting is a process that has to be learned, and you can learn how to do it effectively! It does not matter if you generated the lead yourself, or you bought leads!

Once you understand the process, and know how to put it into action, your future is secure!

It was the last leads company I went to that opened my eyes! They had been training the network marketing industry leaders since 1994! training many of the industry leaders that I knew, funny how they didn’t really mention it!

Let Me Ask You A Few Questions.

Are you willing to do what it takes to achieve success?

Would you follow the recommendations I’ve outlined below?

If you answered yes to both questions, read on!

Here is my recommendation and why!

1.) Become a member of Leaders Club today, not tomorrow, not next week, procrastination is one of the biggest killers of success!

2.) Start with a training only subscription!

You might ask why just a training only subscription when you need leads to build your business with? Without going through the training you’ll end up failing and neither of us want that!

3.) Every Leaders Club member gets their unique “90 Day Individualized Success Plan!” Fill out the form once you get it!

No one else has it and probably never will, although many have tried to copy it. They just don’t have the resources nor have they spent over $10 million dollars in marketing research.

As a member you have access to the largest network marketing training library – with over 500 audio and video training programs. Along with over 30,000 articles and mentor posted tips, scripts, and e-mail templates.

While scripts and e-mail templates are great, but what is more important is that you’ll learn how to make them your own. Eventually discarding them as you utilize their unique “Prospecting Call Guide!”

Leaders Club’s training is like going from grade school to a Phd in network marketing! But, only if you apply yourself, follow the advice, an participate in the…

4.) Attend the weekly live training – coaching calls, it’s not what you’re probably thinking oh no here comes more motivational pep talks!

Listen in as other network marketers bring their prospecting challenges to the call, and get the expert guidance and feedback from people who are actually prospecting everyday!

Participate in these calls, ask question. Over the years I’ve seen it first hand, those who ask questions develop a deeper understanding thus leading to a far greater success rate.

5.) Four weeks into the training its time to start calling leads. Leaders Club has multiple packages to choose from!

From daily leads (recommended for consistency), anytime leads, to gender select leads Male Or Female.

6.) Be ready, willing, and able to commit to at least one year to learning how to effectively prospect.

As you complete the 90 day Individualized Success Plan you’ll know more than 95% of the network marketers out there today.

It is the long term commitment that separates those who succeed from those who fail.

Anyone can teach you to generate network marketing leads

There are only a few companies that teach you how to be successful with them and Leaders Club is one of them.

But lets face it, we are all impatient when it comes to building our business. We want to build it quickly, we all do!

And in doing so we will try all the short cuts that end up placing us years behind where we could have been.

We never really take the time to create a solid foundation on which to build a long term successful business.

We place lead generation in front of skill development, only leading us to become even more discouraged when nobody joins our business.

My hope is I have conveyed to you that it takes more, then just having a source of leads even generating your own. It is imperative that you develop the skills to become an effective, efficient, and confident network marketer.

If your ready to stop spinning your wheels, roll up your sleeves get to work and become successful, then follow the steps I’ve outlined above.


Glenn D Burks ~ Leaders Club Certified Marketing Consultant