What Are The Key Factors
To Network Marketing Success!

What does success mean to you? Is it the accomplishment of an aim or purpose? Or does it mean to you to gain popularity or profit?

Today there are millions of network marketers chasing this very goal, yet are they missing key factors that will help them achieve their desired aim of prosperity.

Understanding all the factors that go into this business can be confusing at times, people often wonder which way to proceed with their business.

Building a successful business today requires an understanding of people. Just how do you understand people? To understand people you need to not only talk to enough of them enough of them, but more important you must learn how to listen to them in order to become successful!

The first key to network marketing success.

There has to be genuine interest and desire for what you have to offer. You must have a product, or a service that is in demand, without this no amount of hype, no amount of killer ad copy, will generate the results you’re hoping to achieve! This is an area where many network marketers fail during their initial selection of a network marketing business.

No matter how great you think your product or service is, it is the perceived value that your potential customers, or opportunity seekers, perceives it to be. Perception is extremely powerful, which is one of the factors that make network marketing so difficult. It is based on one’s past experiences.

The second key, having enough prospects to talk to!

Without prospects whether they be for our products or services, or new opportunity seekers you are destined for failure! You need enough network marketing prospects to talk to daily! The irony is If prospecting is the lifeblood of network marketing, why do people avoid this to the detriment of their financial success?

Think about any hobby or sport you’ve become really good at, did you begin that way? Where you naturally gifted, or did it takes time for you to acquire and learn these skills?

Old school, new school, high-tech marketing, even social marketing all require communication skills. Eventually you’ll come to the realization that a prospect is a real person, with feelings, wants, needs, and desires.

Do you know how to identify who is and who is not a prospect?

This is an where many people fail, their perception is based on what they were taught from their companies and some up lines is that anyone within 3 feet is a potential candidate for their business. Today with social networks, we can now take that even farther and say that anyone within 3 microseconds is a potential candidate for our business.

The issue is most of the network marketers on social networking sites are not looking to join your business! They are there to convince you, their business is better than your business. So you really have to decide is this really a place to find prospects?

Prospecting whether on the phone, via email, blog posts, etc… much of our ability to communicate, give information and get information is lost. The tonal quality of our voice, our body movements, play an important part in communications. The bottom line is you better be very good at what you do if you hope to achieve and form of network marketing success!

The third key, what part of the sales process are you in!

This is one area that will have the most impact on your success. Keeping track of all your prospects and customers as to what part of the sale stage they are in.

So whether your generating your own leads, purchasing leads, or even social network marketing having a complete understanding of each stage of the process will only get you so far.

Your success or failure, will rest squarely on your willingness to implement, and execute these proven marketing processes. 2008 gave us stark examples of companies and individuals who practiced mediocre marketing tactics, the failures are everywhere.

The real key to network marketing success, is to have enough prospects to talk to on a daily basis. Effective communication can only happen when you take enough action to get good at it.

The image below gives greater detail about this process.

Network Marketing Success Plan

To Your Success
Glenn Burks
Certified Network Marketing Consultant