When You Know How it Works!


…Is said to be the life blood of network marketing! Yet, due to all the challenges that go along with it most give up long before they ever become successful at it.

Most consider it a painful process, full of rejection and that you will have to develop a much thicker skin to succeed at it.

But, without prospecting can you ever expect your business to grow? If you are expecting customers and business partners to chase you down, well you can keep waiting as others snatch them up first!

Why Are Prospects So Skeptical?

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Today people in general are more skeptical and we have to live with that harsh reality. Network marketing prospects are even more skeptical, making it difficult but not impossible to build your business.

Each of us has some degree of skepticism, after we've been burned a few times it becomes much tougher to sell us anything.

Marketings Constant Change

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If there is one thing in online marketing today it is the fact that it is always in a constant state of change. By the time most people find out what works, it's changed.

For example, for quite awhile we've had pretty much a free run on Twitter when it comes to advertising and promoting businesses.

Old School Network Marketing Still Rocks!

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Why would anyone give up on what they know is working for them in network marketing for what they don't know? It beats the crap out of me...

Yet, one individual I recently talked to was doing just that. And, this individual was not taking the easy path.

By following the advice he had discovered on the internet, he had started a blog, was on twitter and facebook.

Posting about 5 times a week, in my opinion off to a great start on his blog...

How Many Leads Do You Really Need?

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If you do a search on the internet, everyone is proclaiming you need 10 to 50 new network marketing leads a day.

When I see this on Twitter, Blogs, Web Sites, and Social sites all I can think of is naive marketers.

Now follow me here...

Are they telling you the truth?

In order to generate marginal success this is the number they need! They never tell you what it costs in both time and money to generate that number nor do they give you their closure ratio. If they do give you one, how can we verify that it is fact?

Is Prospecting All That Difficult?

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Why does it seem that prospecting is so difficult in network marketing? If leads are the life blood, then prospecting it the heart beat!

Most network marketers would rather do anything, then take the steps that will move their business forward.

There are a few important factors that set the successful network marketers apart from those who are still failing today...

...anyone can learn this, if they apply themselves!

Our human nature guides us to trying to do the most with the least expenditure of energy... and there is nothing wrong with that!

The Mythical Exclusive Lead?

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One of the questions I often, get from people is I want to generate my own leads that will be exclusive to me. You can generate your own, but you must understand that they will never be exclusively yours!

This may have been the case 10 to 20 years ago, if lived in a very small town and you where the only one to offer a particular product or service there. Today the internet has made exclusivity just another fairy tale, most companies and savvy marketers know this!

When Times Are Tough Network Marketing Flourishes!

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Historically when times get tough network marketing still flourishes, people begin to look for additional ways to generate additional income. Often when there is a down turn people begin to search because one they've either lost their jobs or their hours have been significantly cut.

Yet at this time is when most people who can cut back on their marketing budget. They stop trying to reach out to those people who are interested in getting started in a business.

Are You Tired Of Spam?

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I know I am, so today when I get an email from Daegan Smith with the PowerProspectingSystem I have to wonder how in the H**l did I get on their list in the first place?

Now I've never requested anything from them, and this points out an example of ineffective marketing! Just pick up names lists from anywhere you get them and blast them out.

This is one of the reasons we really need "The Alliance For Ethical Network Marketing

You can Learn More about this non-profit organization here:

How Do I Find Quality People For My Network Marketing Business?

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Every day as I prospect in my business, I run across a network marketer asking, "How do I find quality people?"

When I get a chance to talk to the marketer I tell them the answer is simple. Industry statistics tell us that 1 in 10 marketers turn out to be productive marketers. In addition, industry statistics tell us it takes an average of 45 telephone dials to recruit one marketer into our business.