35 Prospecting Tips for Todays Network Marketer

…Is said to be the life blood of network marketing! Yet, due to all the challenges that go along with it most give up long before they ever become successful at it.

Most consider it a painful process, full of rejection and that you will have to develop a much thicker skin to succeed at it.

But, without prospecting can you ever expect your business to grow? If you are expecting customers and business partners to chase you down, well you can keep waiting as others snatch them up first!

Today people in general are more skeptical and we have to live with that harsh reality. Network marketing prospects are even more skeptical, making it difficult but not impossible to build your business. Each of us has some degree of skepticism, after we’ve been burned a few times it becomes much tougher to sell us [...]

If there is one thing in online marketing today it is the fact that it is always in a constant state of change. By the time most people find out what works, it’s changed. For example, for quite awhile we’ve had pretty much a free run on Twitter when it comes to advertising and promoting [...]

How often have you seen advertisements or blog posts that indicate you can generate free network marketing leads? Can you really get some thing for nothing? I guess many people would love to believe that you can, but reality indicates otherwise. I guess it is possible if you place absolutely no value on your time [...]

I find it kind of ironic that as marketers we spend far more time trying to generate network marketing leads then actually talking to leads. If you ask any network marketer what one of their biggest challenges is, you’ll hear them reply finding qualified leads. No doubt leads are vital to any business that has [...]

What is one of the best ways to get you to click on an ad? Well I do believe the title said it all… …Start it off with a warning or truth, your curiosity will no-doubt get you to click on it. Ironically there is almost no truth or warning at all. Do you really [...]

Effective Followup With Your Customers and Downline to what could be one of the most important pages of your Network Marketing Career! Yet it is one of the least understood aspects of any business. How Difficult was it to get that First Customer or Downline Member? If Customer / downline retention is not one of [...]

I’ve always taken a more cautious approach when it comes to implementing technology, like static web pages vs blogging software etc… Social media is not really anything new, blogs, instant messengers, have been around for a while now. They allowed people to interact with each other long before twitter and facebook really took hold. Twitter [...]

I find it kind of ironic that individuals promoting and utilizing social media to advance their network marketing business have taken the social out of it. If you look at the definition of social one aspect is: “relating to or designed for activities in which people meet each other for pleasure!” In network marketing this [...]

Why would anyone give up on what they know is working for them in network marketing for what they don’t know? It beats the crap out of me… Yet, one individual I recently talked to was doing just that. And, this individual was not taking the easy path. By following the advice he had discovered [...]

Everyday I get a great laugh from new twitter followers. It starts like this my latests network marketing blog post goes out and here come all the new followers. So I follow them back, only later to be sent a direct message like the following: Thanks so much for the follow, I hope you have [...]

Generating or purchasing network marketing leads is a hotly contested debate with many pro’s and con’s to both methods. Last nights LeadersClub training session that was the topic of discussion. For those that have been members, they already know the answer to that question… …LeadersClub is a training and leads company, yet they’ll be the [...]

Buying Leads is one of the quickest ways to go broke in network marketing. Even generating them on your own can cause you to go broke. Hard to believe isn’t it? How can you go broke by generating your own network marketing leads or by purchasing leads? Because working with leads is foreign to anything [...]

If you do a search on the internet, everyone is proclaiming you need 10 to 50 new network marketing leads a day. When I see this on Twitter, Blogs, Web Sites, and Social sites all I can think of is naive marketers. Now follow me here… Are they telling you the truth? In order to [...]

Over the past couple of months I ran a test with Network Marketers who’ve followed my on Twitter. I’ve not done what most of my competition (which seems to be everyone) which is chase people down. I.E. Build List. You can easily tell that 98 percent of those who have followed you really have no [...]

Why does it seem that prospecting is so difficult in network marketing? If leads are the life blood, then prospecting it the heart beat! Most network marketers would rather do anything, then take the steps that will move their business forward. There are a few important factors that set the successful network marketers apart from [...]

Awhile back a network marketer was sending out messages via Twitter asking questions with apparently no response. Some of the questions where related to web software? Apparently, after awhile of getting no replies he became frustrated and asked the question “Is anybody listening?” Truth is very few are, we would like to kid ourselves into [...]

Observing Twitter and what individuals are posting as resources what I’m finding is really a lot of junk. Most of it would never see the light of day, if someone had not posted it on Twitter. The majority of this deals with websites and blogging.

I learned a long time ago that you have to wade through a bunch of this crap to find anything of useful value. If there is one secret to search engine success it is developing the skills to know what is good material and what is a total waste of time.

Yesterday, a network marketer sent a message over twitter asking the question “how many people do you think are still using out dated methods in their network marketing business?” I thought about replying there but as you can see this post is far larger than 140 characters. What is an outdated method? What is a [...]

No doubt people are taking to twitter like ducks to water. I’ve read many good articles both pro and con for using twitter in branding yourself. Still I remain skeptical that it will work for network marketers.

So If you’re here looking for tips on how to become a Twitter super star, you will not find it. What you will find is observations from those that are doing it wrong, and for the majority it’s not their fault they are being taught to do it that way.

Watching the proponents of Social Media Marketing as it relates to small and large businesses is showing a shift in the way they should be marketing. By bringing the human element back into it. I find it both interesting and humous at the same time.

Companies have always known that people prefer to buy from those that they know and trust, yet companies moved away from this! Now they are bringing it back as economic times demand it.

With all incessant buzz over the years about social media do you really know who is following you and most importantly for what reason? Are they hoping to find, insight, inspiration, some closely guarded secrets that you may possess? One of my pet peeves about network marketing is: that so many spend their time trying [...]

One of the questions I often, get from people is I want to generate my own leads that will be exclusive to me. You can generate your own, but you must understand that they will never be exclusively yours! This may have been the case 10 to 20 years ago, if lived in a very [...]

The past year has seen an explosion in social network marketing as a way to generate leads. From all outward appearances, it almost looks like the 3 foot rule all over. Anyone within 3 feet is a potential candidate for your home business. It is now replaced by anyone that falls within 3 microseconds is [...]

Historically when times get tough network marketing still flourishes, people begin to look for additional ways to generate additional income. Often when there is a down turn people begin to search because one they’ve either lost their jobs or their hours have been significantly cut.

Yet at this time is when most people who can cut back on their marketing budget. They stop trying to reach out to those people who are interested in getting started in a business.

It is kind of interesting, that you find this information all over the internet in network marketing the 97% failure rate, yet where did it come from. The Mind of Vatke – Tracking Down The Truth In Network Marketing Yes it is very interesting how many people will take information without really knowing where it [...]

Everyday as I prospect in my business, I run across another network marketer asking the question, “How do I find quality people for my network marketing business?” When I get a chance to talk to the marketer I tell them the answer is simple. Industry statistics tell us that 1 in 10 marketers turn out [...]

Today I was reading this article, Shuzak.com | Anatomy of a Successful Social Network amazing what you’ll find when you do a search on the internet. What really comes to view as your reading this article is how right he is about the mistakes made by other sites as well. When you take a stroll [...]

As I am prospecting for people in my “leads” and “training” business, I constantly come across the question, “How can I find quality people?” My answer is always the same, “Look for people in pain.” When I first got into the network marketing business, I would be attracted to the prospects with the most natural [...]

This evening I stumbled upon one of the dumbest articles I’ve probably ever read on prospecting.

First show me a business that does not prospect and is still in business today. Prospecting is part art and science, yet many fail at it before the really learn just what it is.

I found myself fortunate to learn from a friend of mine and watch a master work at his craft. Where others would miserably fail he would succeed in getting follow up calls and conversions to sales.

The other day I was thinking about what people are looking to earn in their home based businesses. Many times I think every person in network marketing wants to earn as much as I want to earn in my business – big mistake. Let’s look at some of the components that help shape the parameters [...]

How long does your marketing material stay in front of your customer or prospect? To be a successful marketer of products and service this is a something that we need to consider all the time.

Every year I receive a couple of new calendars from real estate agents. These magnetic calendars sit on the refrigerator all year long as a constant reminder that should I want to sell my house or purchase a new one here was someone branding themselves.

How has your experience been using the 3 foot rule with your products and services? Probably not what you’ve expected.

A few days ago a good friend and I where having a discussion about this very topic. We both knew of people that had tremendous success retailing their products to their local market. Others have had virtually no success at all including myself, especially when it came to the business opportunity side.

Was it the approach that was used? Probably, we are not all born with great sales skills, although the skills can be acquired.

Everyone knows that we need prospects for our business to grow. Is it better to generate your own or buy leads from a reputable lead company? Everywhere you look you’ll find advertisements that tell you to stop buying leads. Well if thats the case you might as well close the door to your business now. [...]

One of the most perplexing problems today is to find qualified network marketing leads or is it? I’ve witnessed so many individuals come into network marketing struggle and then give up. They fail to achieve any measure of success and the question always remains as to why they give up, why they will not push [...]