When You Know How it Works!

What Would You Do If I Recommended A Network Marketing Company To You?

Would you wonder why? Would you believe I was trying to scam you as so many media websites try to claim? Yet, I want to recommend a network marketing company today for two simple reasons!

There Are Only Two Reasons To Join
Any Network Marketing Company!

One Is To Earn A Profit, And
Two Is For Its Education Plan.

One winter day nine years ago, it dawned on me, my life was literally flying by…

…And, I was financially in the same place that I was 10 years prior to that.

Each year brought an increase in wages. Yet, the cost of living, taxes, and every other expense always seemed to rise much faster than my wages.

There is nothing wrong with working for a living; some of us actually love what we do! It’s just that we would love to be able to keep more of what we earn, or better yet earn far more than our expenses.

I had always dreamed of starting a business, I read about it quite often over the years. Like most people procrastination always crept in, then that day arrived…

…That nagging feeling which shouted loud and clear “Your not getting any Younger!”

What Changed…

On that winter day nine years ago, I was going through a self-discovery phase or mid-life crisis whatever you want to call it. I had just finished reading the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad!”

Reading the book ignited a spark, which led to reading another book called “Cashflow Quadrant!” The one overwhelming statement that kept repeating was “Take Action!”…

…Taking action is one of the first steps to eliminating procrastination!

In both books it talked about and hammered home the value of getting an education in business…

…And there it was in the book Cashflow Quadrant, “attend a network marketing seminar and learn about its business system!”

Like most people I had looked into MLM – Network Marketing, when I was much younger. I had always rejected it. I had always seen it as a “Pyramid or Ponzi Scheme!”

Yet, as I educated myself, and found out just how many business actually utilized this method I realized that I had based this opinion on someone else’s preconceived notions!

Like millions of others, I took the plunge and jumped in with both feet right. I was going to find a network marketing company, with a great education plan! I did my research, talked with quite a few people, and I joined a company…

What happened was…

…The education I received from the first company I joined was not even close to what I expecting and wanted! So it was off to the next company.

When I thought I had finally found the perfect company and joined, I asked a question of my new up-line leader and…

…I can still hear the words resonating in my head! I asked what I thought was a very simple question, “how do we generate sales for our products and services?”

I was bluntly told don’t worry about that! It was then that I knew that I had not only chosen the wrong company but up-line as well!

My companies and up-line’s advice was…

…Just give this tape to your friends and family members and tell them push play!

This nagging feeling was creeping in, “the feeling that I had just wasted my first two years in network marketing following the wrong advice!”

Advice that led to me spend thousands of dollars on products, marketing, seminars, and one training or lead generation system after another with little to show for it!

It dawned on me one day, what was really happening, and still happens frequently in network marketing, I was being used and abused, with one up-sell after another!

…To say I was beat-up and disappointed is and understatement!

Still after all the disappointment, I went back and re-read Rich Dad Poor Dad, Cashflow Quadrant, and then “The Business School!”

I knew that network marketing works, it was just a matter of finding the right company…

…A company with a training plan that is not based on manipulation, hype and all the other negatives that have plagued this industry for so many years…

What made the difference for me…

Is the company I am recommending to you now

A company that has provided training and much more to network marketers from hundreds of different companies…

Twenty-five years ago I learned what I considered one of the most valuable lessons in my life…

…”The Teacher Learns More Than The Student!”

By that I mean the real education comes from teaching others. I spent years learning and working as an Avionics Tech…

Yet, the real education did not begin until I began to teach others how to do it! How to become an expert in troubleshooting aircraft electronics systems…

To do this I had to go back to the source where I was educated. How does this relate to the company I’m recommending to you?

Well, Network Marketing Is A Real Life Business School…

…And those who learn the skills, put them into application, and help others learn this as well, will be the ones to create wealth and success! Something which the company I recommend has been doing for the past 16 years!

Just the other day I was on another website looking at the people and resources they recommend…

…What was interesting, was that ten out of the twelve recommendations, had all received their training from the company I work with and I’m recommending to you!

In this list it also included two of my former downline members who have went on to launch their own products as the moved from network marketer to information marketers.

Yet, of course they will not tell you about it, or if they do they will downplay the importance that it played in their success! I guess that is what you are supposed to do when you’re now competing against the company that trained you?

And, no matter what network marketing company you choose, you will be competing against every other network marketer out there!

The real question is “Should you go straight to the source, or settle for second hand information!”

Yet, thousands of network marketers do that everyday, settle for second hand information and training. The kind of information which has led to the internet being littered with abandoned blogs, websites, Youtube, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Many have been led to believe that Pay-Per-Click, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and blogging will create instant success network marketing success…

I’ve just spent the past two days cleaning out my Twitter followers, un-following those individuals that have not tweeted in months. Interesting how both their tweeting and blogging activities ceased about the same time.

…It’s not that these tools cannot be used, many individuals utilize them and they are successful! The individuals that have already developed and honed their communication and prospecting skills!

I often wonder why more network marketing bloggers are not partnered with this company, it is a veritable treasure trove of ideas…

…And, you could be generating a substantial income from it as well!

Couple that with the fact, they could be working hand in hand with me, the creator of one of the top network marketing websites for the past 7 years running.

I didn’t get here because I’m any smarter than you are; I’ve just had the right educational plan.

Which Company Am I recommending?

The company is Leaders Club, one of, if not the oldest online network marketing training companies today.

A company that has fulfilled the training needs of thousands of network marketers from hundreds of different companies for the past 16 years!

It is also the company that conducted a study way back in 1996 that concluded 97% of network marketers where failing to earn a profit!

And, that was back before the internet, pay-per-click etc… Fast forward to today, and I’m sure that number is not only higher but more people are losing money faster than ever before!

Which leads us right back to:

There Are Only Two Reasons To Join Any Network Marketing Company!
One To Earn A Profit, And Two For Its Education Plan.”

I’ve had people who’ve been in network marketing tell me, if Leaders Club has been around that long, why is it I’ve never heard of them?

That goes back to what I alluded to earlier with my two former down-line members, and the ten out of twelve recommended people, they don’t want you to know about this company

…Because, you will be competing against them as well!

Or maybe they are afraid you’ll discover their real secret! The secret that, they’re really just information marketers, always promoting the next big thing, and not really network marketers at all!

But, don’t take my word for it…

…visit this page, scroll about halfway down and look for yourself at the names on the list. Sadly the company I’ve recommended for years has decided to close up shop. As you will learn network marketing is littered with the names of companies that have come and gone.

I want leave you with one of my favorite quotes, what you do with it is up to you!

The true secret of giving advice is, after you have honestly given it, to be perfectly indifferent whether it is taken or not, and never persist in trying to set people right.
-Hannah Whitall Smith