When You Know How it Works!


…Seach Engine Optimization, everything you need to know is given to you by the search engines operators already.

Yet, people spend countless hours trying to learn how to manipulate the system. I guess this is just human nature.

Tip, when you stop trying to beat the search engines at their own game and write for the visitors to your site you will achieve greater success.

Code To Text Ratio Does It Matter?

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When building a network marketing website and you delve into the SEO aspect, you'll find a variety of opinions.

One that is talked about often is the code to text ratio. Yet, when you look at many of the websites in the top ten many have what you'd call horrible ratios.

What Happened To Linking Websites?

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Years ago, network marketing website owners having related subject matter used to link to each other. Today it is a far different story, with blogging software becoming more widespread most just use comments.

A few years ago I would receive on average at least one to two link requests each day. Now it is more like one every few months...

Modifying The WordPress Thesis Themes Custom Categories Further

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Most Blogging software creates categories, yet most people want to change the text that appears at the top from the ugly "From The Category Archives" to something different.

The Wordpress Thesis Theme is no different and in my research I found there are a few different ways to accomplish this.

I started looking into accomplishing this after modifying one of my Drupal sites in a similar manner.

Decrease Your Network Marketing Landing Page Load Time

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As websites become more sophisticated, bloat becomes a major problem, yet there are many cures that we can implement to take care of this problem.

Graphics, css files, javascript all add up to make your landing pages load slower and slower. so what is the answer to finding these offending files and why would you want to track them down in the first place?

Who Do You Link Your Network Marketing Site To?

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There are many factors that go into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but where should you get the most relevant information from?

The one answer I've always used is follow what the search engines tell you to do. You can't go wrong when you follow their advice. One of the things they caution about is linking to link farms.

Over the past few days we've been getting requests for a link from a site jeffpaulreview . com when you look at the site where they would place your link you can realize that it truly is a link farm.

How To Sabotage Your Network Marketing Web Site!

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Now why would you want to do that you ask? Yet it happens everyday by unsuspecting network marketers. Most if not all offer links off to other companies and or services we think are appropriate, that are related to our web sites theme.

And those whose services we are linking to are really thanking you not only for the traffic but also the naivety that you display in your website marketing.

So why is this important? Well for starters your already bringing the company new business, but did you also know that your helping them to out rank you in the search engines.

Top Websites in Our Industry

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If you take a look at the top web sites in any search most of them, you will find are very customized and original both in content and look.

One of the top web sites in our industry is a free web site so this clearly blows that theory right out of the water that you need a professional service.

Now the question is why is this site in the top ten? It’s because search engines really don’t care if it’s free or costs ten’s of thousands of dollars. What they look for is original and relevant content.

Blocking Websites From Harvesting Your data!

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If your in network marketing or just about any company out there you had better be on guard.

Do you look at your log files from your web site? If not you should start. You probably will not like what you find.

What you’ll find over time is company tools like the one from sitesell that harvests and analyzes your web site.

While you may not need this in the beginning you will need it as you achieve a ranking to where your site is analyzed multiple times a day.

Abuse at WikiPedia

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It’s clearly evident that Wikipedia has a lot of trust with the search engines when it comes to the ranking of the site and pages within all the major search engines.

Yet, Wikipedia is chock full of disinformation! They know it, and hopefully you do as well. Anytime you can rewrite history in your personal view it will be tainted.