Network Marketing Companies I Recommend

There Are Only Two Reasons To Join Any Network Marketing Company!

One Is to Earn A Profit, And Two Is for Its Education Plan.

One winter day many years ago, it dawned on me, my life was literally flying by…

…And, I was financially in the same place that I had been 10 years prior to that.

Each year brought an increase in wages. Yet, the cost of living, taxes, and just about every other expense always rose faster than my wages did.

Certainly, there is nothing wrong with working for a living!

Some of us actually love what we do! I have worked on aircraft for close to 40 years, and still love aviation.

Yet, I had always dreamed of starting and running my own business.

I read about it often, and of course like you I dreamed about it for years.

Like most people though, something always came up! Today we call it procrastination, then one day…

…That nagging feeling came over me. That feeling of “Your not getting any Younger!”

What Changed then is what leads us to here?

On that winter day many years ago, I was going through a self-discovery phase or mid-life crisis whatever you want to call it. I had just finished reading the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad!”

Likewise reading that book ignited a spark in me! Consequently that led to reading another book called “Cashflow Quadrant!

The one overwhelming statement that kept repeating was “Take Action!”…

…Taking action is one of the first steps to eliminating procrastination!

In both books hammered home the value of getting an education in business…

…And there it was in the book Cashflow Quadrant, “attend a network marketing seminar and learn about its business system!”

So What is my Recommended Network Marketing Company Or Companies?

It’s actually a trifecta, two companies with incredible products and one a marketing system.

The first Recommended Network Marketing Company is CTFO

Work On Your Terms and On Your Schedule 
You call the shots in your home business.
Absolutely No Business Experience Necessary 
A Simple system. We absolutely know we have what it takes for ANYONE and EVERYONE to succeed!
No Fees and No Purchase required to be in business. 
This business is free to join! our TOTALLY FREE Business Opportunity that allows anyone to get paid for sharing our amazing products with others,
Get Paid Every Week
All CTFO Customers and Associates automatically qualify for a payout of 20% of the CV (Commission Volume) on Wednesday of the week following any order
Without Any Income-Caps
The CTFO Compensation Plan is totally unique from other Compensation Plans. We’ve made sure that ANYONE can succeed here at CTFO!
No Limits on How Much
In fact, to achieve the absolute top rank in the CTFO Compensation Plan (Top Gun), you never need to have a personal purchase or volume requirement of more than $47.47 per month, and you never need to have more than 5 personally enrolled active, qualified people.

You are about to discover the most exciting and personally rewarding home based business that has ever been created!

Click here to get your Free Business Position Today!

What do you have to lose?

The Second Recommend Network Marketing Company is really a Marketing System that allows anyone to build a CTFO Business or any business!

Over the years I’ve worked tirelessly to get and keep top 10 search engine rankings. I’ve spent more time on SEO than building my business.

Further more what I’ve done is not duplicatable, but this system is! And we’ve made it even better for our team. I hope you’ll become one, you’ll see the 20+movies I’ve produced that walks you thru setting this system up to promote CTFO!

Landing Pages
Capture visitors online and generate prospects 24/7 Plus 41 lead capture pages we’ve build specifically for CTFO!
Cutting-Edge Movies
Professionally present our industry, answer questions, and “pre-sell” visitors.
Marketing Site
Educate your prospects on our products and opportunity turning them into customers and distributors.
Create & Capture
Tools produce widespread exposure and help you generate a consistent flow of new leads both online & offline.
Contact Manager
Organization at its finest! Plus, it includes every feature imaginable to make prospecting a cinch.
Pre-written Emails
Follow up with prospects using a “drip” approach that drives conversions, AND introduce our products and opportunity to several groups of targeted prospects. And, we’ve added 5 campaigns with 21 to 22 emails to help you build CTFO! That means you don’t have to!
Activity Tracker
Notifies you of every action prospects take on your site giving you full behind the scenes look at your business.
Automatically calls your leads and leaves proven voice mail messages that guide them into your sales funnel.
Training Tools
Proven methods to build your business and automatically train new members to grow their businesses and yours!