Tools And Resources For Your Network Marketing Business

Tools in network marketing can be a variety of things from useful to not worth the time to bother with them. One of the things that is essential in network marketing is after you have exhausted your warm market, you move to the cold market.

This requires the generation of network marketing leads or prospects as you’ll learn to call them. Here we’ll give you some recommendations on the ones we personally use.

Once you have the leads then you need to have a way to keep them organized. We have several recommendations here also.

The most powerful tool of all is your mind, a well rounded training program that teaches and covers all aspects of marketing will give you a competitive advantage!

Essential tools I recommend.

Email system

Just about every windows xp computer has a program called Outlook Express, or you may have the full version of Outlook.

There are many reasons we want to have this information on our desktop rather then on the web.

If your still using the old copy and paste method through a web based email system STOP NOW. You really need to have your emails on your desktop or laptop.

Outlook an essential tool

One of the important reasons to have your marketing system setup this way is so that you can use a professional contact management program. The days of 2 who just get 2 are over, are you pretending to build a business or really working to build your business.

Contact Management Program.

The program that we recommend if your using Windows is the program called ACT. There are many different versions of ACT since the come out with a new version each year.

Act 2004

ACT! by Sage 2007 organizes all your customer / prospects information in one place. Windows Vista requires a later version of ACT in order to work.

On my Network Marketing Training page, you’ll find additional pages on how to implement both outlook express “images-text” and the 2004 version of ACT “video’s.”

Autoresponder System

The third tool you must have for your marketing is a autoresponder system. Not the typical free ones that are out there all over the place. If your going to be a professional, use professional tools. In today’s climate you really do have to be careful with your email marketing. Do it wrong and it can land you in a lot of trouble. Most professional autoresponder companies will not let you up load a list of leads, that is not their purpose.

Ideally you will have your prospects requesting information from you via collateral marketing. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you need the CD that’s on this page. Speak with one of our network marketing consultants they will be able to help you.

Web Site Tools:

When you have your own web site which I would hope that by now you would. This is one area where I help subscribers of Leaders Club learn how to do it correctly. Building a high quality network marketing website requires that you truly become a subject matter expert.

You cannot do what others teach you “Fake it Until you Make it” when it comes to material for your web sites. This is where Leaders club can truly help you succeed where many others cannot.