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…The greatest tool-system ever created rest on top of your shoulders. Yet, we often believe if I only had this doo-dad it would instantly create success.

If the great depression which began in 2007 gives us any insight it is what we can and cannot live without.

Todays consumer is far more difficult to reach and to sell to than ever before. So what is the better course of action, improving upon your own education or some new cure all tool or system?

The Internet And Network Marketing

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Combining the internet with network marketing, everyone is promoting right? Yet, from all this free advice out there how many have actually been successful with it?

Finding success on the internet requires extreme patience, the one thing that most of us including myself lack.

I was reading an article from Bob Bly today, titled "What You Know Can Make You Richer."

What’s In Your Network Marketing System?

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The other day, watching the ads fly by one after another on twitter one individual tweeted “Checking Out a System So I can Get Downline up to speed!”

Using the statement checking out a system, really is kind of vague?

And as history has proven, just plugging people in does not guarantee that your people will get up to speed quickly.

You can have the best system in the world a very captive audience and still lose market share to another company or individual who does it far better.

What’s Your Plan For Contact Management?

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While having a steady flow of network marketing leads should be your highest priority, keeping track of those prospects should also rank just as high.

Network Marketing is about relationships, tools, and systems may bring a prospect to you, it's what you do after that really counts.

Far to many hope rely to heavily on automated follow-ups to sell what ever it is you have to offer. So how do you put the social into marketing? Well you could actually start by contacting a prospect or potential customer.

Google’s New Rules Apply to Network Marketers!

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Google announced new url rules on 2-19-08 that will affect many of you out there using systems to market your business.

So what does it mean and why should you care? I’m often amazed at people that look towards someone else’s system to create their success, rather then coming to the understanding that the only system they really need is themselves.

Google adds IMAP Support to Gmail.

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If you don’t know what IMAP is you really need to know more about it. Most of us started out using either hotmail or yahoo for our email services.These services work fine for a general email account but when it comes to a more feature packed email for your business you need to really consider moving to an email system that is a little more robust.

Communication: A Strong Foundation For Growth.

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When building a business, a strong foundation is vitally important. Technology out there can be completely over whelming. This technology is most often not understood by most uplines so how can we expect our new members to understand it.

I myself have struggled with technology in building a strong foundation. Most of this built through trial and error. We constantly need to find ways to maximize our time some of us more then others.

Tools and Systems, What do We Really Need.

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Tools are an essential part of any business, but what do we really need to be successful. Often it comes down to keeping it simple.

One of the most challenging aspects of building our business is knowing what to do and how to do it.As a network marketer, our business grows by talking to people and building relationships.

There is not a system out there that can accomplish that for you, they supplement the key ingredient which is of course you!