31 Tool And Systems Ideas For Your Network Marketing Business

…The greatest tool-system ever created rest on top of your shoulders. Yet, we often believe if I only had this doo-dad it would instantly create success.

If the great depression which began in 2007 gives us any insight it is what we can and cannot live without.

Todays consumer is far more difficult to reach and to sell to than ever before. So what is the better course of action, improving upon your own education or some new cure all tool or system?

Today red sweater released Marsedit 3 a desktop blog editing software for the Mac. Ever since I discovered this software I’ve used it primarily for all of my blogging endeavors. One of the draw backs of versions prior to version 3 was the ability in Wordpress to edit pages, now you can. For previous owners [...]

When building a network marketing website and you delve into the SEO aspect, you’ll find a variety of opinions. One that is talked about often is the code to text ratio. Yet, when you look at many of the websites in the top ten many have what you’d call horrible ratios. As some have pointed [...]

Years ago, network marketing website owners having related subject matter used to link to each other. Today it is a far different story, with blogging software becoming more widespread most just use comments. A few years ago I would receive on average at least one to two link requests each day. Now it is more [...]

Well, after what seems like an eternity I’m finally back to posting again on Network Marketing Works! It’s not that I’ve been lazy or anything like that. As you can probably tell, or maybe you can’t if you’ve never been here before the site has an entirely new look. It is almost back to one [...]

Wow, where does the time go. I realized I hadn’t written a post here in a little over a month, as I was exploring the idea of moving this site to a new platform. During this discovery phase it brought out many questions – the “Pro’s” and “Con’s” of doing it. And more specifically which [...]

Early this morning I was sent the link to an article written on Law.com. Which raises some very interesting questions and still needs further clarification. So how does this affect us as network marketers? You can read the full article here “FTC Blogging Rules Pose Advertising Risks!” As I read the article, I had tweetdeck [...]

Combining the internet with network marketing, everyone is promoting right? Yet, from all this free advice out there how many have actually been successful with it? Finding success on the internet requires extreme patience, the one thing that most of us including myself lack. I was reading an article from Bob Bly today, titled “What [...]

The other day, watching the ads fly by one after another on twitter one individual tweeted “Checking Out a System So I can Get Downline up to speed!” Using the statement checking out a system, really is kind of vague? And as history has proven, just plugging people in does not guarantee that your people [...]

With millions of blogs out there, and more on the way everyday can you really blog your way to network marketing success? I’m sure we all wish it was that easy! The sad truth is the internet is littered with abandoned websites and blogs. With a static website, it is difficult to tell that it [...]

Most Blogging software creates categories, yet most people want to change the text that appears at the top from the ugly “From The Category Archives” to something different. The Wordpress Thesis Theme is no different and in my research I found there are a few different ways to accomplish this. I started looking into accomplishing [...]

…And, you’ll also need to be running an Apple Computer to use the software. This software has really impressed me and so I’m sharing the information with you. So what does it do for you that you cannot do within Wordpress, Drupal, Blogger, Tumblr, TypePad or other blogging software? The one feature, I find awesome [...]

Developing a web presence ranks high on the list for a majority of network marketers, and it should! The internet has radically changed how most people perceive business should be done today. And, getting an internet presence today has never been easier or has it? Registering a domain name is easy, setting up a web [...]

While having a steady flow of network marketing leads should be your highest priority, keeping track of those prospects should also rank just as high. Network Marketing is about relationships, tools, and systems may bring a prospect to you, it’s what you do after that really counts. Far to many hope rely to heavily on [...]

After careful deliberation I finally decided to move my network marketing blog over to the Wordpress Thesis theme. I still have some reservations as to how well it will work it is a flexible design with a lot of support. Previously I had used a Revolution theme, which was nice, and I had highly modified [...]

Back in February 2008 I wrote a post about Ineffective Email Marketing and what inexperienced people where actually out their doing trying to find success. As we know bulk emails don’t work, most if not all get filtered out by the many systems available to not only the internet service providers, web hosting platforms and [...]

As websites become more sophisticated, bloat becomes a major problem. Yet there are many cures that we can implement to take care of this problem. Graphics, css files, javascript all add up to make your landing pages load slower and slower. So what is the answer to finding these offending files and why would you [...]

Choosing a good template for you website can be a challenge, yet they do exist. When I was looking for a template, one that I could take and adapt not only for the blog but also the rest of the site I stumbled upon this series of themes called Revolution.

The theme’s themselves are very professionally done and really help bring Wordpress into the forefront of Content Management Systems. With a little work you can make your network marketing site look truly unique and different from everyone elses site.

There are many factors that go into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but where should you get the most relevant information from?

The one answer I’ve always used is follow what the search engines tell you to do. You can’t go wrong when you follow their advice. One of the things they caution about is linking to link farms.

Over the past few days we’ve been getting requests for a link from a site jeffpaulreview . com when you look at the site where they would place your link you can realize that it truly is a link farm.

Talk about a project, when you’ve created video that provide some realistic training that help every network marketer moving them from one format to another is a challenge.

One of the challenges was wanting to keep the 2004 version of the videos as people still use or have access to the 2004 version of Act a popular contact management program.

Now why would you want to do that you ask? Yet it happens everyday by unsuspecting network marketers. Most if not all offer links off to other companies and or services we think are appropriate, that are related to our web sites theme.

And those whose services we are linking to are really thanking you not only for the traffic but also the naivety that you display in your website marketing.

So why is this important? Well for starters your already bringing the company new business, but did you also know that your helping them to out rank you in the search engines.

If you take a look at the top web sites in any search most of them, you will find are very customized and original both in content and look. One of the top web sites in our industry is a free web site so this clearly blows that theory right out of the water that [...]

Google announced new url rules on 2-19-08 that will affect many of you out there using systems to market your business.

So what does it mean and why should you care? I’m often amazed at people that look towards someone else’s system to create their success, rather then coming to the understanding that the only system they really need is themselves.

If your in network marketing or just about any company out there you had better be on guard.

Do you look at your log files from your web site? If not you should start. You probably will not like what you find.

What you’ll find over time is company tools like the one from sitesell that harvests and analyzes your web site.

While you may not need this in the beginning you will need it as you achieve a ranking to where your site is analyzed multiple times a day.

Quite awhile back I wrote about a piece of software that I personally use in building my network marketing business, MacJournal.

With the earlier version, as with most software there where issues, then what software does not have issues.

The issue was in the synching with Apple’s .mac accounts. Having your information synched between two computers is not really necessary but is nice if you like to have the same information on both systems.

It’s clearly evident that Wikipedia has a lot of trust with the search engines when it comes to the ranking of the site and pages within all the major search engines.

Yet, Wikipedia is chock full of disinformation! They know it, and hopefully you do as well. Anytime you can rewrite history in your personal view it will be tainted.

It does not matter where you look today everyone is searching on the internet for products and services. So the rush is on to get your website up, and running yesterday it seems like. There are individuals who will tell you that the only way you can be successful in network marketing is to generate [...]

Every now and then you run across a great piece of software that helps you in more ways then you can imagine. One of those pieces of software that I recently came across is produced by Mariner Software. They produce a version as I’m sure you’ve guessed by now is for the Mac and Windows based computers.

When I set down to write in my blog I use the program MacJournal. It is a great program that gives me the ability to write and post these to the blog all with the same tool.

If you don’t know what IMAP is you really need to know more about it. Most of us started out using either hotmail or yahoo for our email services.These services work fine for a general email account but when it comes to a more feature packed email for your business you need to really consider moving to an email system that is a little more robust.

When building a business, a strong foundation is vitally important. Technology out there can be completely over whelming. This technology is most often not understood by most uplines so how can we expect our new members to understand it. I myself have struggled with technology in building a strong foundation. Most of this built through [...]

Tools are an essential part of any business, but what do we really need to be successful. Often it comes down to keeping it simple.

One of the most challenging aspects of building our business is knowing what to do and how to do it.As a network marketer, our business grows by talking to people and building relationships.

There is not a system out there that can accomplish that for you, they supplement the key ingredient which is of course you!