When You Know How it Works!


…Never ends, we are learning something new everyday from the time we are born until we leave this earth.

Education is something to be embraced and applied to our everyday lives. We all started our businesses to produce either a secondary income or a full-time income.

A business sells and knowing how to do it correctly is essential if you are to succeed. And, we have a choice to make, do we take the cheap route with a minor league education or go for the Ivy league?

Can Your Network Marketing Plan Be Duplicated?

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Given time almost everything in network marketing can be learned. Still, many tasks we have to do are not easily duplicated by our downline.

Marketing today has become very complicated as we continue to explore ways to grow your businesses. Years ago all you had to do was talk to enough people.

Understanding Your Network Marketing Pay PLan

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One of the most complicated aspects when looking at any network marketing company is their pay-plan. How easy is it for you to explain your companies compensation program.

This subject came up this week while talking to an individual who was sucked into another company when another individual stated that they would make more money with their company.

Four Phases To Learn.

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This past weekend I was doing some light reading and ran across an old training series that talked about the four phases to learn anything.

No matter where you look in network marketing you'll find so many individuals in one of these various stages or phases.

With most of network marketers falling into phase one probably the most detrimental phase to be in.

The question we have to ask ourselves is which phase am I in, and more important which phase do I want to be in. The next question is what will it take for me to progress?

I Don’t Want to be Sold BullS**T, I want REAL Education!

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Wow was all I could think about when this came the other day on a request for information. Are people really beginning to see the light about what they are being told and sold today?

How often have you bought a course online that promised a solution only to later discover that what you really bought was a good story that did connect with you but left you with the feeling disappointment at what you actually received?

Is Your Sponsor Missing In Action

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During a few recent conversations that have come up with individuals from different companies, the subject came up about sponsors. What came out of these conversations, is a lesson that I will not soon forget.

The sad part is none of this is new stuff. When it comes to your downline have you ever heard them say that they where afraid to call you, because your very busy.

Network Marketing Courses – Are they Real?

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Why is it that when every fall season rolls around we get a new batch of courses that are guaranteed to get you results? How do you know what they have to offer you is true? The sad fact is we don’t really know?

I find advertisements that start out with the headline:

Systems Work, People Fail... It’s That Simple!

I’ve not found a system that works consistently yet. Yes they do work for a short while then they fade off into the sunset only to reappear a few years later with a new look and a different spin.