36 Training Tips For Your Network Marketing Success.

…Never ends, we are learning something new everyday from the time we are born until we leave this earth.

Education is something to be embraced and applied to our everyday lives. We all started our businesses to produce either a secondary income or a full-time income.

A business sells and knowing how to do it correctly is essential if you are to succeed. And, we have a choice to make, do we take the cheap route with a minor league education or go for the Ivy league?

Hi, Glenn Burks here I need your help today. I’m am looking for the best network marketing company to join in 2018.  I have taken a long and well-deserved vacation from network marketing. But, now I’m back and I’m looking for the best network marketing companies out there to join. This is not about me, trying [...]

Earlier today I came across a post that stated network marketing sales skills where easy to learn. I found that kind of odd after watching numerous people over the course of the past seven years watching and observing people. While the outline of the sales process is easy to understand, it is the implementation of [...]

Today if you look online you’ll find plenty of information on what many believe to be the top network marketing companies. Yet, most if not all of the observations are based on factors that are totally irrelevant to the success of the company. Ranking a company according to it’s Google page rank, Alexa rank and [...]

When you first start out in network marketing or any other business you’ll read a lot of information on the internet maybe a few books etc… I know I did and I’m sure you have as well. If there is one thing we’ve learned from the past couple of years in this crappy economy, it is [...]

Given time almost everything in network marketing can be learned. Still, many tasks we have to do are not easily duplicated by our downline. Marketing today has become very complicated as we continue to explore ways to grow your businesses. Years ago all you had to do was talk to enough people. Today, we have [...]

When it comes to building a successful network marketing business today, you’ll find polarized views on both sides. The old school crowd and the new school crowd! There is nothing wrong with old school methods (Avon Reps have been doing it for years) provided you know exactly what you’re doing. Yet, most individuals make simple [...]

Recently I had someone contact me to ask the question: “Can you really earn (fill-in your amount) per month in network marketing?” Everyone finds a business that they believe suits them and meet’s their goal for generating income. They let it run for a few months or more, they decide to get on the internet… [...]

Yesterday I read one of the dumbest post on network marketing I’ve heard in quite awhile. It read three reasons people fail, while some of it was valid one part I have to disagree with. Their argument was people fail because they are not using someone else’s marketing system. A marketing system that in reality [...]

In the news yesterday was an article from the Associated Press. The article painted a bleak picture for the millions of Americans that are currently unemployed. It states that a new finding a new job often means a pay cut, often accompanied with a relocation to a new area for a job. They cited a [...]

Each year we set new goals for ourselves. We tell ourselves that this year will be the year that our network marketing business grows exponentially. 88 percent of Americans set New Year’s resolutions each year. Yet, by January 2nd over half of those resolutions have already been abandoned. Followed by another 10 percent by January [...]

This past year I essentially took the summer off from writing.

It was nice to get away from it, take a mental break, from dissecting all the garbage floating out there.

Unfortunately like most people I got wrapped up in all the political shenanigans. You would have thought the election cycle had stopped, yet the evidence suggests it is still in full swing.

Beginning in the fall of 2008, we’ve witnessed bailout after bailout, and different sources suggest we’re far from finished.

Everywhere I look today, I see individuals in network marketing that are being taught to call themselves a consultant. Why do they do it? One of my former downline members who now calls himself a consult was terminated for plagerism of the companies training material. I guess he thought, taking articles written by someone else, [...]

If I could only count the number of emails from network marketers that describe how to build perceived credibility. We really need to break this down.

What is the definition of perceived? In this case in means; To interpret or look on (someone or something) in a particular way. The Definition of credibility is; the quality of being trusted and believed in.

Yet, in the context of these emails, “which often contradict themselves within the same paragraph,” we are told to beg, borrow or steal this credibility.

One of the most complicated aspects when looking at any network marketing company is their pay-plan. How easy is it for you to explain your companies compensation program.

This subject came up this week while talking to an individual who was sucked into another company when another individual stated that they would make more money with their company.

Recently I was re-reading the book The Business School For People Who Like Helping People. There was one section that led into another startling revelation. People get started in network marketing for many different reasons, for many it is the money they can make. Yet, the majority are never successful, something that has been well [...]

We all talk about building our businesses for the residual income it offers, yet few if any achieve it. Network marketing is portrayed often as it’s so easy anybody can do it. How easy has it been for you to generate the income your after?

With todays economy everyone is struggling, at least it surely seems that way. Yet, in many ways it could be more perception then anything else. If you’re told how bad something is, it does not take long for your mind to actually begin to believe it, therefore making it a reality.

One of the things that many do not think about is how their actions affect everyone in the network marketing industry. It really only takes a few bad apples to create a negative impression. This was played out not too long ago with spam emails marketers would send. Fortunately many of the internet service providers, [...]

Beware of false profits, in network marketing especially when it comes to coaching. Today many claim to be just that, simply because someone said they should give themselves that title. It goes back to latest scam to hit the internet perceived credibility. If you say it enough times it must be true. There are a [...]

This past weekend I was doing some light reading and ran across an old training series that talked about the four phases to learn anything. No matter where you look in network marketing you’ll find so many individuals in one of these various stages or phases. With most of network marketers falling into phase one [...]

I was doing a little light reading the other day, when I came across a post that essentially said “personal responsibility” was not essential to your network marketing success. The author indicated it was a good thing “personal responsibility” but not a sufficient thing for big success. The author referenced, top network marketing people that [...]

Wow was all I could think about when this came the other day on a request for information. Are people really beginning to see the light about what they are being told and sold today?

How often have you bought a course online that promised a solution only to later discover that what you really bought was a good story that did connect with you but left you with the feeling disappointment at what you actually received?

Do you have anything to fear today as a small group leader? In many ways, you do! One of the complaints I hear often from small to large group leaders is;

What is it that attracts any network marketer to a particular company? Is it the hype used to promote it, the money that someone else made in the company?

Often, this is the case. I really like to read other sites when they talk about how to choose a company and what to look for. Of course, they want to promote their own company, we all do.

I was talking to a new member on my team and I asked this person to tell me their monthly income goal. They answered quickly – “$5,000 per month.” Using an income calculation tool, I projected they would reach their goal (based on recruiting six people into their organization each month, which I felt was somewhat aggressive) in 18 months. They responded by saying, “Why so long?”

What is a “rabbit-trail?” It is a side-path, leading from the main path to an undetermined destination – at least that is my definition. So why am I even discussing this?

The other day I was having a conversation with a fellow network marketer. He had subscribed to a reputable training on how to expand his business when he decided to go another direction. I asked him why he was changing his course in mid-stream. His answer was, what he was doing is not working.

How many times have I heard the statement – “Network marketing doesn’t work for me.” As a matter of fact, how many times have I felt that way? The fact of the matter is, network marketing will work for just about everyone, if that person understands how to put the pieces of a network marketing business together.

Puzzle Piece # 1 – Have a plan of action – Know how much effective action you need to take each day that will get you to your success goal.

Puzzle Piece # 2 – Execute your daily plan on a consistent basis.

Today I was thinking about what I should post regarding our network marketing community and the thought came to me that I should address one of the greatest challenges we face as marketers. Have we formulated a plan that will build our businesses to accomplish our financial goals in a given period of time? Unfortunately [...]

Every day I am in contact with people looking for help in their network marketing businesses. Each person that I contact has been asked to fill out a questionnaire asking them:
1) What is their 90-day goal.
2) What is their monthly budget?
3) How much time do they have to invest in their business on a weekly basis?
4) What is their greatest challenge?
5) How much money do they expect to earn in the next 12 months.

After 10’s of thousands of requests and numerous conversations with Network Marketers from many different companies, this is probably one of the questions that I’m asked the most.

How Much money can I realistically make in Network Marketing!

When it comes to being an employee of a company or a entrepreneur what is the difference? Stop and really take a look at your place of employment, how many of the individuals employed there are really just passing time in order to get a pay check? Lets face it as an employee our goal [...]

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to spend your hard earned marketing budget to brand someone else’s name!

If you go through many of the online advertisements found on Yahoo, Google or Windows Live you’ll find numerous marketers making these same mistakes.

Analogies are a great way to look at things as they relate to our business. In prospecting the more we “practice”, the more we develop the required skills and yes the coordination that is required to succeed. Will we ever reach absolute perfection? No but our skill level will be proportionate to the practice and [...]

During a few recent conversations that have come up with individuals from different companies, the subject came up about sponsors. What came out of these conversations, is a lesson that I will not soon forget.

The sad part is none of this is new stuff. When it comes to your downline have you ever heard them say that they where afraid to call you, because your very busy.

How many of us joined a network marketing program expecting to earn 10,000 dollars a month within the first few months? Is it any wonder then that most people feel that it is some form of a scam.

Are these classic examples of unrealistic expectations:• I have no experience with network marketing, I want to sign-up 100 people within the next 90 days.•

Why is it that when every fall season rolls around we get a new batch of courses that are guaranteed to get you results? How do you know what they have to offer you is true? The sad fact is we don’t really know? I find advertisements that start out with the headline: Systems Work, [...]