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What Is Network Marketing?

The simplest explanation of what is network marketing is. It is a method of marketing that utilizes independent representatives.

These independent representatives have the ability to reach customers a company might not reach.

They do this with traditional online and offline marketing methods.

In order to accomplish this, network marketing companies and their associates recruit individuals I.E. “their sales force!”

They do this just like other companies and franchises, have done for years, take for example the insurance industry.

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How often have you seen ads on television that use the term, “Independent Insurance Agent or Associate?”

Network Marketers Are Not Employees!

Yet, as we watch these advertisements we naturally assume they are employees of the company, when in truth they are independent business owners!

No doubt as you drive throughout your neighborhood you notice many traditional small businesses. They have signs and other forms of advertisements designed to draw your attention.

Yet, you will rarely see advertising from the approximately 13 million people who are either involved with direct selling / network marketing industry according to figures by the Direct Selling Association (DSA).

There is distinct difference between us and them, in most cases they are assigned an exclusive territory and therefore cannot market outside of their assigned territory.

Where as in network marketing in most cases, you can market just about anywhere your company is established!

Why companies are willing to pay you to market for them…

…Why don’t they just utilize the internet or other traditional marketing methods?

It’s quite simple, they want access to your network,  your network of friends and family! Today there are hundreds of companies offering products and services. Many of these products and services you recognize by their brand name!

The products and services you can market today cover everything from Communication Services, Internet Access, Nutritional Products, Weight Loss Programs, Water Filtration Systems, Financial Programs, Electrical Power, Solar Power, just to name a few.

So why do they need us? Traditional marketing methods have companies spending millions of dollars each year to market their products and services.

They know that word-of-mouth marketing is a far more powerful and effective method of marketing.  Especially, when that message comes from someone you know and trust!

I hope by now you are starting to understand just a little more about what is network marketing… 

They Are Willing to Pay You For This Access!

And these companies are more than willing to pay you, to communicate this message to your network of friends and family.

It is extremely important to understand that this method of marketing is not about bugging your friends and family members, as many would love for you to believe.

It is about your ability and skill to determine from those individuals within your circle of influence who would be interested in the products or services that your company has to offer…

… That information alone is one of the critical elements that separates those who fail, from those who go on to become very successful!

And occasionally you might uncover a few individuals, who also want to start a business!

I truly believe Robert Kiyosaki summed it up nicely; it really is the business school for people who like helping people!

You Can Call Your Own Shots In Network Marketing!

If you want to call your own shots in life. If you’re willing to get the education you will need to run a small business. If you enjoy working with people, network marketing just might be right kind of business for you.

If on the other hand, you’re only in it for the money, or you just don’t like dealing with people well then…

… You’ll most likely end up failing!

Personally I’ve found running a network marketing business to be a very rewarding. While it does give you the freedom from punching someone else’s clock. Now you’ll be punching your clock, you will have to hold yourself accountable!

The training you get from having a network marketing business. Will give you a deeper appreciation of what your employer had to deal with on a daily basis.

Thru this training you will also become a far better communicator. Someone who actually knows how to listen.  With skill development you will be better equipped to address the wants and needs of others!

It doesn’t matter what the economy is doing today. Working from home, the beach, makes more sense then acquiring a second job.

Throughout this site, you will find additional resources that will give you a deeper understanding. Pages like network marketing training, understanding compensation plans, and many more! Now hopefully you know just a little bit more about the subject “what is network marketing…”