What’s Wrong With
Network Marketing Today!

Everyday we find more people looking into starting some form of business; they do this for a variety of reasons.

So what is wrong? In reality, there is nothing wrong at all with network marketing!

Although some of the methods employed by marketers are questionable thought.

Today we see ad’s running on the radio, television, and throughout the internet on how easy it is. How you can build your network marketing business without bugging your friends and family.

This influx of affiliate – information marketers with claims of incredible income, based on selling their courses as a lead generation source, has lead to even more failures!

“Today people are more confused than ever, on what is the most effective method of generating sales in network marketing.”

If all it takes is an e-book, system etc

… Why would any company need YOU?

What they are paying you for is your ability to connect with prospective customers and new down-line members.

Especially those potential customers and prospects that are within your circle of influence, the ones that the company could otherwise not reach!

So if there is one thing that is wrong with network marketing today, it would be the confusion as to exactly what you should be doing to move your business forward.

I’ve found building my business to be quite rewarding, if not challenging at times. When I first started looking into it, no one really told me that I would have much to learn about marketing!

Yet, that was exactly what I was looking for…

I like so many others today believe it can all be done on the internet. Yet, that only opens the door!

The actual sale or close, happens when we bring in the human element. People want to do business with those they trust.

Smart network marketers are always looking in four directions:

Looking Forward. Where do we want our business to be at some defined point in the future? This is probably the most enjoyable type of brainstorming. Yet, it is rarely productive. It is essential to do some forward planning.

Looking Backward. Is one of the best kept secrets, that is often neglected by network marketers. We can learn a lot by the mistakes of the past, especially when it comes to marketing.

Looking Sideways. Can be one of your biggest distractions, trying to keep an eye on what the competition is doing. While you may generate some ideas from it, it brings up the question of “just how effective is it!”

Looking Inward. Is one of the major keys to network marketing success today, knowing and understanding the core emotions of your prospects. There is only one way to gain this insight, talk to enough prospects.

Success means doing the best we can with what we have. Success is in the doing, not the getting–in the trying, not the triumph. – Wynn Davis

One of the problems with network marketing today, is most companies and up-lines do not provide professional training on prospecting. Without this training, people resort to hype!

This training is essential if you expect to know and understand your prospects core emotions. Can you learn this just from reading a book? Not likely! While a good book can give you the how to’s, the basics…

… It cannot address the questions you’ll run across as you go about your prospecting.

Think about this for a minute, what do most top pro athletes, millionaires, and high-income network marketers do to achieve their goals so much faster?…

… They have access to a coach! Generally a very expensive coach!

Yet, many network marketers believe coaching is just to expensive, or is it?