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Glenn Burks Covering Web Design and Development At Leaders ClubHello, Glenn Burks here @ Network Marketing Works! Throughout the years I’ve personally seen and heard comments about MLM / Network Marketing that state it just doesn’t work!

Today without question there are more resource than ever before to help someone, anyone, to succeed in network marketing. Yet, many if not most still fail! The question is why?

Network Marketing Is Not Direct Selling?

Skeptical ProspectsIn Your childhood Years you where the best salesman on the planet! What happened? Think about it, travel back in time to when you where a child.

If you watched anything on TV, read about it, or another kid told you about say a shinny new toy what did you do?

I’ll put this out there, you spent weeks maybe even months nagging your mom or your dad until you got the very item you wanted. Now be honest, that was you right?

You where selling your mom, your dad, your grandmother, your grandfather or anyone else who would listen on just why you needed that shinny new widget.

Maybe today you have kids of your own, who are trying desperately to sell you on why they need that shinny new widget!

You where directly selling back then.  Today, they are directly selling to you! Back then you wouldn’t take no for an answer. You where persistent, wearing them down. What happened?

No, Wait In Network Marketing I Am Just Sharing!

OK, I’m guilty as well I have shared my story about what these products have done for me for months now. I’ve shared it with dozens and dozens of people.

I will tell anyone who will listen me about these products! Guess what they are all within my network of influence!

Umm… am I network marketing. I must be, I am directly selling them on the idea/concept of why this product is good or will be good for them.

How do I know that this product from a particular network marketing company is for them? Because I know them, and I care deeply for them!

I want to see them leading happy productive lives well into the future!

Most people haven’t a clue as to what is network marketing! Let alone just how network marketing works! So of course they just roll their eyes if you tell them you are in network marketing.

So, ask them about Netflix, Costco, or Sam’s Club I’m sure they will tell you all about how great they are… Am I right or am I wrong?

In just about every aspect of our lives we are on a daily basis directly selling to someone on an idea or a product!

If you really want to learn more about how you can make network marketing work, I encourage you to take the time and read through this website, it just might bring out the creative marketing side of you!

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