Guide to Marketing Yourself as a Freelance Writer

A freelance writer is an independent individual hired to conduct research, surveys and compile them into readable material for news outlets, companies, or other paying clients.

Success as a writer is dependent on your ability to promote and sell your products and services to potential clients. Read on to discover some efficient tips on marketing as a writer.

Why is marketing important for a writer?

Marketing yourself as a freelance travel writer is a continuous strategy instead of a one-time fix for endless gigs. Without it, you may struggle to get leads and miss out on networking opportunities that could boost your career. 

How do I start marketing myself as a freelance writer? This is a question asked by entry-level and intermediate writers alike. Here are a few tips on marketing yourself as a writer.

Choose a freelance niche

A niche is an area of specialization. It can be an industry, a topic, or the type of content you focus on as a freelance writer. The niche may also pertain to domain knowledge (an area you have experience in or are simply passionate about).

Finding an area you love and putting all your energy into perfecting your knowledge is an excellent way to ensure constant workflow. Identifying your strengths and repeatedly practicing until your standard of work is consistent is also good in boosting the clients’ confidence in your output.

Create a freelance writing portfolio and a writer’s website

To be successful in any field, you need the right tools, and in writing, a portfolio and a website are top on the list. The advantage of having both the portfolio and a website is having open avenues easily accessible online.

They give prospective clients an in-depth look into your work and a glimpse of your skills. These samples also offer clients a feel for your writing ability, style, and voice. 

Note: Where possible, add testimonials into your portfolio to give clients some sense of security with your services. You should also ensure that your profile is free of errors as it may portray a poor quality of services, pushing away prospects. 

Optimize your LinkedIn profile 

An optimized profile with the right keywords is essential in generating leads and making a great impression. Make sure it shows the audience who you are, what you do, and your chosen field expertise.

Additionally, ensure to use the niche-relevant keywords that properly define your skillset. Doing so helps you stand out and ranks your profile higher among searches, thus generating more traffic and, in turn, bringing in more conversions. 

A professional-looking profile and background photos, a well-written headline, and a summary are also essential for showing professionalism. 

Start a blog

When starting as a writer, you may be asked for published samples by prospects, so they test your skills in writing and search engine optimization. A blog is thus an excellent way to secure projects and showcase your skillset. 

Final Take

Marketing is an essential element in a freelance writing journey. These tips should come in handy to help you make the most of your approach to freelance writing, thus allowing you to land multiple projects. 

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