Marketing Yourself as a Writer: Best Tips

Content writing is among the popular, lucrative online ventures to pursue with minimal starting experience and capital. As such, the niche has attracted a massive number of people, resulting in stiff competition.

Marketing is an excellent way to overcome the competition and attract new prospects. Content marketing allows you to showcase your skillset, luring clients in search of expertise within your field. 

Read on to discover the actionable tips to help you grow your blog traffic and gain the most exposure to clients. 

Write your blog

Writing your blog is an excellent way to establish your online identity and build trust between you and your readers. It also helps improve your writing skills, helping you build topical authority and showcase your skills to prospects. 

It would be best to acquaint yourself with the best SEO practices to rank higher than your competition and establish domain authority for the most benefit. The blog also gives you enough material to back your proposals, making a better impression on clients. 

Social media and online platforms

Being interactive with your social media contacts is a great way of letting them know the services you offer. Engaging and interacting with people on online platforms while sharing ideas and new work techniques is an excellent marketing strategy. 

Social media marketing gets you closer to the target audience of your work and also to the clients.

Online platforms and social media platforms like (LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and even some of the younger platforms like TikTok) are good ways of engaging and reaching millions of customers worldwide. They help increase your brand awareness boost your sales and leads.

Note: social media users do not need long flashy advertisements. Short and captivating adverts with the correct phrases are enough for them to linger long enough to read and get the point.

Perfect your pitch

A brief and focused pitch is suitable for selling yourself and your work. Getting to the point early is enough to grab the reader’s attention and possibly get the job. Being straightforward in the information being absorbed by the target audience.

Present your specialty and showcase your writing skills on different platforms for free if the need be. Being respectful to all you encounter helps build relationships that lead to prosperity for both parties.

Guest blogging

Writing content for similar blogs and company websites is good for helping attract traffic back to your website. Guest blogging requires you to write for their audience and align your content with their brand. You have to align your presentation with their blog format and make sure you provide actionable content.

When done right, guest blogging is helpful to both the domains owner and the writer trying to boost traffic onto their site. It helps with brand awareness for both parties, building links while also improving your domain’s authority. Publishing high-quality content and relevant websites can significantly improve your search engine rankings and ultimately bring more traffic to your site.


Offering discounts to clients for any referrals they send your way is an excellent way of marketing your services. It also incentivizes more traffic to your website as a discount for your happy clients helps boost confidence in you.

As an upcoming writer, you may liaise with established writers for referrals when they have a surplus of work in your selected niche. 

Content mills

Although some writers consider content mills as a waste of time, they are a great way to land projects and feedback for your portfolio. Unlike direct pitching, landing clients on mills is easy as you are presented with a wide range of projects to select from. 

Final Take

Selling your services as a writer is greatly dependent on your ability to network with clients and market your skills. These tips will help you start your writing career and scale up the ranks among the writers in your niche.

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