2009 Network Marketing Year In Review

I thought 2008 was a tough year for many in network marketing, 2009 seems to have been much worse. While many where all hoping that the economy would improve, there is still little evidence to suggest that it has done anything more than stop its slide off a cliff.

It has left millions of people unemployed, with many of them still searching for employment. It is interesting how ones perspective can change from “I want to fire my boss to how do I keep my job!”

While many including myself have always believed that network marketing thrives during a recession, this was more of a mental depression than a recession!

This year brought many external changes that forced quite a few network marketers to constantly change their marketing tactics.

2008, brought an explosion into what we laughingly call interruption marketing. Which really gained momentum in 2009, when social network marketing replaced the 3 foot rule.

Early in 2009 Microsoft announced a new project that provides a valuable lesson for anyone in business. For years the only contact you had with them was via the telephone.

What Microsoft announced was they would be opening retail stores, a very smart move. No doubt they’ve been watching Apple’s success.

It just goes to prove a point, people like dealing with people! And that will never change, think about how irritated you get when you get into the endless loop of any companies phone system.

Early in 2009, the FTC announced sweeping changes that would affect network marketers, especially those that blog and use social media. The new law went into effect December 1st 2009.

This year we had new rules come into play by the FTC for marketers that use robocalls (auto-dialers) and with it comes some very stiff penalties!

As usual many marketers flocked to programs like Ibuzzpro and Scraper Pro which is really ironic as they’ve only elevated themselves to telemarketers.

The Media Attacks:

This year 2009 appeared to be the year for the news media to really attack network marketing. It seemed like not a day would go by without some reporter lunching a new attack.

Earlier this year one reporter went just a little to far “Did CNBC Reporter Distort Facts about Monavie” My gut feeling all of the articles are designed to get additional page views to their company websites.

And of course it is not just the media that goes after network marketing companies, state attorney generals do as well. Sometimes this is well justified, and other times you’re left to wonder, whatever came of it.

On the bright side
In Network Marketing in 2009

A few things actually got better. In January of 2009 I wrote about Leaders Clubs 7 Day test drive. 7 days of focused training that many of the top network marketers have been apart of yet, will not often tell you about.

And, this was followed up in February, with the release of the free DVD Solving the 8 Greatest Challenges In Network Marketing. Which later in the year was followed up by a reduction in their basic training subscription.

Frankly, I don’t know why more network marketers especially those who are trying to write a blog about network marketing don’t utilize their vast audio archives (over 500 audio and video) and hundreds of articles in their library.

2010 is shaping up to be an equally slow year for economic growth, and of course there will be winners and losers in network marketing. The real question is where do you want to be?

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