7 Things To Consider Before You Build Your Network Marketing Website

Almost every business today has a web presence. And, I don’t believe I’ve run across any network marketing company that does not have one.

Everyday dozens of new network marketers are starting a website, but there are a few things to consider before this process begins. Some are very basic, and others require a lot more thought.

Before we begin it is important to point out that a website is a tool-system and with it comes a learning curve along with maintenance.

Since this post is about building a network marketing site we’ve pretty much or at least should already understand what our main keywords are!

Step 1 – A Domain Name:

Selecting a domain name can be a daunting task. Often you’ll find that every name you’ve chosen has already been taken.

Everyone wants a domain name with keywords in it and you might have to get very creative in order to accomplish that.

I feel it is far more important to get a domain name with something that is easy to remember and most important easy to type in without mistakes.

One thought is using your name as the domain name. It does make it easier for people to find and remember you.

Registering a domain name does cost money and is an added expense to your marketing budget.

Step 2 – Web Hosting:

After having chosen your domain name, the next step is choosing web hosting. Free website hosting is available, but you do pay a price for it.

Network Marketing, affiliate sites have been banned on many Free hosting sites. And, usually on free sites they’ll run advertising that directly competes with your offer.

When choosing a web hosting solution speed, up-time are important considerations. Most sites are on a shared server which could limit the performance of your site.

One word of caution, do not use a hosting platform that is tied to a search engine. My own experience has shown that should you later decide to move them you’ll be penalized.

Step 3 – Planning Your Network Marketing Website:

This is one area that is the most complicated of all and one which most people spend the least amount of time. When it comes to planning we have to think beyond today.

Our options for building a site are many:

Static Website – built with software like Frontpage, Dreamweaver etc.

Blog Website – using software like WordPress, Typepad etc…

Content Management System (CMS) – Drupal, InsightCreation, Joomla etc…

Each of these has a learning curve, and while not difficult it can be overwhelming as you’re trying to build your network marketing business.

Part of this planning and choosing which platform to use is to envision where we want to be five or ten years later.

Why should we be concerned about it today? As we grow (learn) we eventually want to expand our sites, making it easier to navigate etc…

Step 4 – Content For Your Network Marketing Site:

This is the area where most network marketers fail. Everyone knows or should know that it is content is king. But, how do you create that content?

There are some new-school network marketing trainers that teach it’s ok to steal, copy, plagiarize, whatever you want to call it. Sounds good on paper but it doesn’t really help you at all.

Creating unique content requires an understanding of the subject you will be writing about. With network marketing being such a broad topic there is plenty to write about.

Does this mean that you need to be a copywriter? It might help, but you have to understand a copywriter researches information and writes about it…

…It does not mean they have a deep understanding of the subject, or could even answer your questions.

Which explains why many in this industry have been members of Leaders Club. If you truly want to gain an understanding of this industry so you can write effectively you’ll want to be a member also.

Step 5 – Building Your Network Marketing Site:

When it finally comes to building the site, a lot will depend on which platform you’ve chosen. But, all sites today have a few things in common.

Today they are all built using html and CSS both of them take time to learn. Often we are better off to purchase a good web design template and make modifications to it.

To help in this aspect, there is a great book on the subject from Sitepoint on this called “The Principles Of Beautiful Web Design!”

For a static website built with Dreamweaver etc… There are thousands of website templates you can purchase. And each of us has our own ideas on what is “Beautiful” you can find something that fit’s you.

The same is true of the other platforms as well. One important item to keep in mind though when making a choice is how quickly the page loads.

If the site takes a minute to download, well don’t expect many visitors or repeat visitors to your site.

Step 6 – Publishing Your Network Marketing Site:

Thankfully today publishing a website could not be any easier. Dreamweaver, Frontpage, and others already have FTP built into them.

Often, your website hosting service would have built in tools to help you in publishing your site, but you’ll have to check with them.

With a content management systems in most cases the software is on your web host already many already carry, Drupal, or WordPress, you just have to activate it.

Then, it is simply a matter of logging in and posting your new content. With sites built on Drupal and WordPress you can actually use software like Winjournal, Macjournal, or Marsedit to publish your content with.

Step 7 – Promoting Your Network Marketing Site:

This is the one area you must have patience as most new sites take a long time to receive any search engine rankings.

When it comes to rankings consistency is where it pays off. By this I mean it is not just being consistent for a week, month, or even several months…

…It might take a year or more before you even begin to see the fruits of your labor.

Many will tell you that it is about keywords and densities etc… and they do play a role! When, you know your subject and write for you visitor you’ll achieve far better results.

So what do you do in the mean time? As bad as it may sound you still need leads to contact, so you might as well get used to the fact you might have to purchase them.

Step – 8 Maintaining Your Website:

If you’ve chosen the blogging software or a content management system as your website software of choice you’ll have maintenance to do.

There will be software updates to perform, and data backups you’ll have to keep up with. You’ll have to factor that into your time for building your business as well.

As time goes by you’ll discover content that you’ve written that needs to be updated all just a part of having a web presence.

While not a complete and very detailed look at it, hopefully you see building and running a website while not complicated does require some thought and planning.

If you’re only in network marketing to try it, I’d advise you to not even start a site unless you’re passionate about it and ready to commit to it.

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