Are You Building Credibility And Trust In Your Network Marketing Business?

When it comes to internet network marketing people today are often following the wrong advice and or taking the wrong action to build credibility and trust.

Last night during one of our many training calls I stumbled upon yet another website that had scraped content off my website.

Let’s face it, I’m not that great a writer, in many ways I should be flattered! Yet, that is not how I take it, does it irritate me? Yes!

I get irritated because people without realizing it are sabotaging their own business efforts by sharing content, scraping content etc…

The writing style and composition is mine, it is based on my experience and beliefs and no one else’s! That’s what makes us each unique and different in the eye’s of our network marketing prospects.

Do you have to be a copywriter to succeed online?

No, it might help if you’re writing a sales – landing pages. Which is great if you’re trying to sell an ebook or something along those lines online. But…

…If you are trying to build credibility and trust with prospects online using someone else’s content may open the door for you!

Yet, when they discover the person they are speaking to is not the same person who wrote the content your credibility and any trust you’ve built will be destroyed.

Writing about network marketing for lead generation is not difficult if you plug yourself into the right training source…

…And, sadly finding that training source is extremely difficult today on the internet with all the advice written by copywriters who’ve never spent a day as a network marketer.

Throughout this website you’ll find quite a few articles, posts, and pages that will help you to understand my views on network marketing.

What you should come away with is that there is no shortcut to success! If you want to do internet network marketing online, you need to know what your prospects want to hear.

And, then write it yourself. Only then will you become credible, unique, and trustful in the eyes of your prospects.

If you really want to separate yourself from the pack I recommend you read this page, then you might understand network marketing better.

After all I don’t want to have your site shutdown, I actually want to see you succeed by you being you!

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  • Network Marketing Opportunities Apr 10, 2015 @ 9:10

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