Are You A Network Marketing Visionary?

Is network marketing getting ready to drive the next major economic powerhouse? In 2001 I remember reading an article which was an interview with Paul Zane Pilzer.

Paul had written a book “The Wellness Revolution,” the article looks towards the future.

You can view the results today on the vision that was shared the explosion of the health and wellness industry within network marketing today.

In tough economic times, budgets shrink unless your the government, then you just print more money!

As budgets shrink so does the concern for nutritional products. We’ve already seen numerous examples of companies scaling back, they use this time to clean house.

This has occurred within many network marketing companies as well.

Everyone talks about being in front of the wave, yet for most of us we are always jumping in at the tail end of this wave.

Often, we look at stocks in companies we wish we could have gotten into during the initial public offering.

When it comes to looking at a network marketing company do they belong to one of the me too companies, essentially offering the same products?

Or is it visionary, looking towards the future doing what no other company has ever done?

About two years ago, I discovered just such a company while doing research for another project. Low and behold it was a network marketing company that was truly visionary.

This was not another me too company but one that would bring to the market via word of mouth advertising something extraordinary.

It solved one of the greatest challenges, generating residual income and retaining it. With many companies you take two steps forward and sometimes three steps backwards.

Yet, it doesn’t have to be this way if we choose our companies carefully.

The company that made my recommended network marketing company fits this model completely.

Essentially a niche market, they already have more customers lined up then then all the others in this same field have installed.

For what I consider a first, this company recently was invited to Washington D.C. to meet with the Secretary of Energy along with eleven other companies in this industry.

I’m not sure if any other network marketing company could even say that. I’m sure others have been summoned to answer questions but not in a planning stage.

While there are many great companies out there, some with awesome products, if people do not know they exist the company ceases to exist.

I’ve seen many products; so unique and revolutionary they practically sell themselves.

But, if a company does not have a massive marketing budget to brand themselves and their products they are never found.

Exactly why many new and innovative products and services are introduced via network marketing today. By taking, that road these companies are true visionaries! So are you a visionary?

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