Are You Passionate About What You Do…

… Or just passionate about the money you’ll make in network marketing?

Many advertisers today believe you are far more interested in the money you’ll make, and that you really have no passion about what you do to achieve it!

Life is a lot easier when you are passionate about what you’re doing.

Your passion can lead to a more fulling life.

Early in my life I always had this dream of living in Alaska, how many young boys that like to hunt and fish have that dream?

As fate would have it, cause I surely did not plan it that way I ended up doing just that. I took a job that many people just did not like and would only stay their required commitment.

I had Joined the Coast Guard, with the dream to go to Alaska. Going through bootcamp everyone wanted to go to their first duty stations in places like Florida, California…

… they craved the party life, living on the beach, fun in the sun.

I choose an Icebreaker, it would head towards the destination I had in mind. While on that ship we did go to Alaska, where we stopped at one of the most beautiful little towns you could imagine Sitka Alaska.

While touring the town, I discovered they had a Coast Guard Air-station. I knew where my next tour of duty would be…

My other passion in life was to fly…

With the combination of flying and living Alaska I loved my job, while most people hated their job, living in Alaska for me it was a dream come true. I ended up spending almost 14 years flying in some of the most scenic country you can imagine.

Needless to say, it was the right choice for me…

… The mission was about helping people, stay safe and live their lives to the fullest.

Network Marketing is more than just making money…

Kiyosaki summed it up nicely, “The Business School — For People Who Like Helping People.”

Not about how much money that can be made off of people, but how you can help people reach their goals and find their passion in life.

For some people that passion may just be a full-time income, for others is maybe just a few hundred dollars per month.

During 2009, we’ve witnessed a dramatic shift in the perception people have of their job. Prior to 2009, everyone wanted to “fire their boss” today everyone wants to keep that job.

Amazing how perceptions of something we though we hated can change so quickly…

If you’re a network marketer be passionate about what you do, strive to help people succeed. The rewards you get will be far greater than the money ever will be.

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  • Jennifer Oct 24, 2009 @ 6:40

    I agree! Passion Parites, Inc. strives to make the Independant Consultants very passionate about helping other women from the bedroom to the bank. Network marketing has made an incredible difference in my life… and I am very passionate about my company, my downline, my upline, and my hostesses.

  • Annemarie Sep 21, 2009 @ 16:58

    I am proud to call myself a professional networker for all the right reasons. It seems we all need to struggle to get to the top..seems a logical process..but when we encounter a problem..then we need to redress it…in a way to help others avoid the struggle. My problem was duplication of a complex system now reduced to 3 STEPS and I call it “democratic…” for all the right reasons..

  • Glenn Oct 25, 2009 @ 17:51

    I would have to agree Jennifer that you probably are passionate about your business. Unfortunately I had to remove your link as we do not link to replicated company sites.

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