Autodialers The Scourge of Network Marketing!

How many of you love getting those automated phone calls from telemarketers? My guess is that a great many of you detest them almost as much as you do politicians.

Yet, it seems every year that we have a new batch of individuals that make outlandish claims how effective they are. How you will have prospects just begging to talk to you and how you’ll only speak with qualified prospects.

The question I have to ask is how much money do you have in the bank to support the FCC violations that you may receive?

If you have not read the rules that the FCC places on autodialers, I would suggest that you do so immediately if your using one of these systems.

One of the requirements is a previous business relationship! Yet, many how are using these systems are getting their leads from the same company that sold you the system.

I did a test, after they started calling my office phone number, and switched my web sites to my cell phone number.

Sure enough, the autodialers started calling my cell phone. Now for each one of these calls I can take legal action against them along with FCC action.

It is clearly evident that they are simply scraping websites of network marketers looking for phone numbers.

If these individuals are making the money they claim, why are they targeting network marketers for their product?

The fact is they are not making a dime! So don’t get scammed by these guys, you’ll be the one holding the bag when the FCC sends you that violation letter!

Network Marketing is built on relationships, with either a warm market or a cold market lead. When you use an autodialer system, you place yourself into the same category as a telemarketer.

If you want to become successful in this industry then you must become and act like a professional. Find out what it takes to become a successful network marketer!

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