Chris Tinney of Traffic Oasis, Returns to Leadersclub!

Chris Tinney announced himself in the Leadersclub forum today. As Chris put it After living all over the world, he is doing mlm again and went to the best lead source he knows – Leadersclub.

Since I’ve been with Leadersclub I’ve seen this pattern repeated many times. While Leadersclub does have leads the strongest point is the training that goes with it.

Prospecting is an art, that takes time to develop.

Yet many lack the patience to develop this.

During the past I’ve made some grave mistakes by giving away free hot leads to downline members. Why was this a grave mistake?

Think about it they never really developed the skill set needed to generate network marketing leads or learn how to actually prospect!

So of course they all had the feeling that leads stink. Yet that is what our businesses are built around leads for our products, services and yes even our network marketing businesses.

Not to long ago I had one individual return who was a member during the original year that they started Leadersclub.

They where amazed at all the resources that where available and without the distractions of building someone else’s program!

While the renegades are thinking that they are on to something new. Those who have been there and done that have come back to leaders club.

Maybe this all has to do with the announcement’s from Google in the recent months. About how they where going to apply new rules to advertising.

For more timely network marketing tips watch the video’s on the site here at

This was written in 2008, and here we are 10 years later and the Renegade Network Marketers are no where to be found.

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