Common Mistakes Newbies Make In Network Marketing

Just about everyday I interact with individuals that are new to network marketing. Generally when I get to chat with them it is only after they’ve run into trouble or are conflicted about what they’ve heard and experienced.

Yesterday, I had a nice conversation with an individual who was going through this conflicting process and needed clarity in what she was doing.

Everyone knows that in business you have to promote your business right? Yet, we often do not select tools or materials to promote the company we are passionate about.

The scenario goes like this, they’ve joined a company, often they’ve joined because another family member approached them with the business opportunity, happens all the time!

The new individual doesn’t really have any warm market so they begin the search for a marketing system and there are plenty of them to choose from!

They buy into one of these systems for lets say $49.95 a month, now they need to tie this into an auto-responder system for another $19.95 a month.

So now we are up to $59.90 a month for a marketing system, doesn’t sound to bad does it? They’ve promised you when you bought it that it would generate (fill-in-the-number) And now we have to market it.

There are a few options right, (PPC) Pay-Per-Click via Google, Yahoo, and Bing. And of course they have some basic training to help you do it…

Now let us take a look at that, the search engines where you’ll be advertising. Typically they show only about ten ads on the first page along with the organic websites, stiff competition…

…So you’d better get good at writing ads, wait you’re still new to all this. So while learning how to write good ads and testing to get the click through’s you’ll end up spending thousands of dollars!

So now after several thousand dollars you’re getting the click through’s but your conversion rates from a click through to a lead are low…

…Maybe it’s because you’re not the only one using this system, sure it’s got your picture on it but it’s still the same offer that has been rejected already.

Couple this with the clear fact that the system is really designed to sell the system and not your primary business.

The argument they give you is that ninety-five percent of the individuals who click on it will be other marketers looking for a way to generate leads online.

So after you’ve run out of money you’ll turn to Twitter and Facebook marketing. Where you’ll run into the same scenario marketers chasing marketers!

Everyone is trapped in a vicious circle, while the creators of the systems and e-books are smiling as they sit and watch their bank accounts grow!

Eventually we’ll move on to the next phase blogging and using twitter to drive traffic to our website, and it does work but we quickly run out of things to write about.

How do I know this to be true? I’ve been there and done it myself!

So is there a better solution? I believe there is, and it will cost you far less while returning greater value to you!

Stay tuned, I’ll write about it in the next post “Finding Success For The Newbie Or Experienced Network Marketer” and hopefully help you from making some of the common mistakes we’ve all made in network marketing!

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  • Joey Jan 22, 2010 @ 11:39

    Hey Glenn, I faced a lot of these similar problems when I first got started building my network marketing business online. There are many more costs than you would think. Once you have conquered the learning curve, though, it is all worth it. PPC is not something you want to throw your money at if you have no clue how to use it. Plus Google has been cracking down on the home business industry and you don’t want to be another statistic. Thanks for sharing.

  • Glenn Jan 22, 2010 @ 12:47

    Hi Joey,

    Yes ten’s of thousands have faced these problem, and they focus all of their time trying to build online and ignore the larger share of the market that is offline.

    Google, FTC, and FCC, will always through obstacles into your path but only if what you’re doing is questionable to begin with.

    Everyday you see individuals spewing forth how to get 30+ leads a day on Facebook. I guess its what one’s definition of a lead is.

    What most fail to understand or even see is that generally those who’ve found success, either created a system, or some form of generic training.

    Which ultimately led to their success, not as a network marketer but in marketing a product to network marketers.

    The fact is, anyone can do enough research on any subject, write an e-book, even though they’ve never done it themselves…

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