Don’t you just hate it when Marketers pull this?

Today we find all kinds of advertising out there where it is quite clear that they don’t want you to know just who they really are.

Why is it that they will only give you an email address? What are they afraid of? Maybe they are afraid that you might actually call them well isn’t that their goal!

So why is that? Doesn’t it defeat the purpose in advertising completely?

Real people want to connect with Real People not some autoresponder. Well on the other hand there are quite a few individuals that truly are just window shopping.

I especially like the ones that are advertising through the various search engines that offer to teach you how to generate free leads! Well then if it works why are they advertising?

Then on the other hand, how many advertisements that describe some kind of warning about the different companies yet when you click on the link there is nothing there even remotely about the company!

I mean who do they really think they are kidding. No wonder most of them do not last long and go away disgruntled thinking that this never works.

When you really put it into the proper perspective it is false advertising! So why is it that someone can get away with it on the internet?

Is it because they fly so low below the radar screen that people just don’t care? Here is a suggestion if your doing a search on any of the search engines and you find someone – anyone marketing like that, take the time to report it to the respective search engine.

After all they really do want to provide relevant information so both they and the advertiser makes a profit.

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