Extending My Network Marketing Website

Well, after what seems like an eternity I’m finally back to posting again on Network Marketing Works! It’s not that I’ve been lazy or anything like that.

As you can probably tell, or maybe you can’t if you’ve never been here before the site has an entirely new look. It is almost back to one of the original versions of the site.

And, after much thought about it I’ve moved the site over to Drupal. This is something that I do wish I had done several years ago.

Quite often you’ll see a post about which software you should use, “WordPress or Blogger?” Both are great pieces of software in their own right.

What would be your choice for your network marketing site?

WordPress or Blogger are great pieces of software as I said, yet neither of them are content management systems! No matter how dedicated the software guru’s are at trying to fit them into that mold.

Here on this site I had both static pages built with Dreamweaver and the blog was delivered with WordPress running the Thesis theme.

So I had a choice, move all of the site to WordPress or move it to Drupal

Using “MAMP” I was able to setup both system, and experiment with both of them. Since I’ve already said earlier that the site is now running on Drupal you already know the outcome of that experiment.

The one real obstacle standing in the way was how to preserve the rankings the site enjoys…

…And, to tell you the truth it will probably suffer for awhile! Another one of those obstacles that cause you to pause. After all if it’s not broken why fix it?

One of the key features that gave the nod to Drupal was they software I like to blog with, “Marsedit!” With Drupal and Marsedit I can have access to all the content on the website.

While you have pages and blog posts with WordPress, you can only access the blog posts with Marsedit. With Drupal and Marsedit I have access to any of the content formats, page, story, blog, and book etc…

So was the move worth it?

I’ll let you know once I’m finished, after a few hundred hours of planning and moving content I’m still not finished! Ouch…

So, If your reading this let me know how you like the layout and ease of use.

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