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Since the beginning of 2009 there have been quite a few news media articles written about network marketing.

There has almost been at least one a week since the beginning of the year that places MLM – Network Marketing in an unfavorable light.

I wrote a post along these lines last month titled “Are You Helping Or Hurting Network Marketing Today?

From the 1st of April until the May 16th there have been literally dozens of negative articles tying our chosen home business to pyramid schemes or scams.

In just the past couple of days these articles surfaced, “YTB’s “Pyramid Scheme” Stopped by California Attorney General” and “Illinois wants to shut down YTB.”

With the numerous comments on these articles, bringing up the surge in what we could now call social media spammers.

Are we really beginning to piss off a lot more people, then ever before? Yet, most of this is being done by a minority of marketers

This is really unfortunate since, simply because they are follow the advice from self-proclaimed guru’s.

Individuals who glamorize it with statements, you’ll make a fortune this way.

Maybe if these individuals had tapped into the right network marketing coaching, instead of following these “Guru’s In A Can” they would not be tainting this industry in such a fashion.

Network marketing is already tough enough without all of these shenanigans. They clearly could careless about other people, which is truly sad!

I still can’t get over the fact that when someone follows me on twitter and I follow them back the believe they have the permission to pitch me their offer.

What is truly sad is many of them are referring to my former downline.

If they only knew the whole story and where the material came from, they may or may not have second thoughts about the validity of the information they are being provided.

As the economy continues to struggle, with more people losing their jobs on a daily basis you can see it spreading to all forms of online marketing.

The more it continues to decline the more hype and spam these marketers generate.

You don’t have to promote with hype!

… in order to be successful in network marketing today, yet many still feel this is the only way to do it.

One marketer who shall remain nameless was even found chasing down negative articles so he could comment and provide links back to his web site. How lame is that?

You really have to ask yourself, and do some soul searching. Do you want to be a respected professional or is it all about the money, no matter what damage you do to yourself or the industry as a whole!

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  • MLM Tranier May 18, 2009 @ 12:38

    That is true Glenn when it comes to network marketing nowadays, they are somewhat identical to each other when it comes to techniques and the way they convince people to believe them.

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