Frustrated, That no one will let you help them!

The frustration that you’re experiencing is not uncommon, and I empathize with anyone going through this phase of network marketing!

In 2007, I was so frustrated I was ready to through in the towel on network marketing, even though I was making a great full time income.

Yet, I almost made a fatal mistake of letting others create enough turmoil, to disrupt my goals and aspirations.

When I came to Leaders Club years ago, I went there for leads. I had already been with numerous other lead sources. I always felt that it was the lead quality… Thinking that was the problem.

I was already generating my own, yet still having the same problems. So, that was not it either…

The problem was not being able to really connect with people, to get to their wants and needs.

Today, we face even stiffer challenges. People are very skeptical today, more so than anytime I can remember. When we can connect with them we break through this skepticism.

Sounds easy right…

Over the course of the years, I’ve worked with individuals that spent upwards of 40 to 50 thousand dollars sometimes even more on a college education.

They leave college today with a mountain of debt, and more often then not no real prospects of even finding a job. In talking with them very few would even consider they where throwing their money away.

After four or more years of college they might land a job that pays 40 to 60 thousand a year if they are lucky. How long will it take them to pay off that mountain of debt?

To me network marketing is much more then just a way to generate an income, it is an educational process. Each prospect we talk to is part of that educational process.

This learning process carries on way beyond just network marketing, it carries over into all aspects of our personal and professional life as well. The life skill I’m learning is how to connect with people.

I know for a fact, when I started I did very poorly at connecting with people. Even today I do not connect with every prospect; this is to be expected. Still, with every prospect that I talk to, I get better.

No doubt everyone has heard the cliche, you just have to talk to enough people. In many ways it is very true, when we stop and analyze each call, each prospect, take notes so we can bring these challenges to the Leaders Clubs Wednesday night calls. Where we get the live feed back “network marketing coaching” that need to further our education.

If I look at the investment I would have to make for example the 3 daily super premium leads for example… over the course of a year I would spend $1,620, all of which is a tax deductible expense.

If I took that out to 4 years, I would be looking at $6,480, all of which is still tax deductible. Through perseverance, really tapping into the education process there is no reason why anyone could not be generating $30,000 plus a year.

If you ask me, that is a pretty cheap education…

and I’ll be generating income along the way. Each day, month, and year I will be getting better then before.

The real obstacle to our own success is… Often ourselves!

The question is, when presented with these obstacles, that life throws in your path how will you handle them?

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  • David Aug 13, 2009 @ 16:46


    I would like to know in your experience on a average with buying 3 super leads a day in a month very roughly have you ever worked out a average conversion rate and how does that compare to the ppc or other lead generating systems you may have in place ?


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