Gender Based Leads For Network Marketing

In some instances you’ll find yourself in need of gender based network marketing leads, female or male leads.

For many companies, gender specific leads are not as important for the success of their various products and services.

Yet, there are some products and services that only appeal to a certain demographic…

…A few years back there was a new startup network marketing company whose model was based on hunting & fishing.

The target market would primarily be males, yet females also participate in hunting and fishing to a lesser degree.

Most companies who products are cosmetic based like Avon, Mary Kay etc… primarily appeal to females.

So I was pleased to hear that beginning in May 2010, Leaders Club would be offering two network marketing Gender Based leads selection packages:

50 Premium Gender Select
100 Premium Gender Select

This is a welcome addition to their leads packages.

Along with this announcement they are also dropping prices on their 5 and 10 daily leads packages over 20 percent. And, anytime leads by as much as 50 percent.

While there are many companies that sell leads, few if any can effectively coach and teach you how to work them as effectively as Leaders Club can!

In today’s environment everyone is more conscious of their bottom line especially when it comes to their network marketing budget.

You can chase people on Facebook or Twitter who really have no interest in what you have to offer…

…Or you can focus your efforts on those individual who want to start and build a business.

For more timely network marketing tips watch the video’s on the site here at

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